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Super Sunday as it is known from now on.

Super Sunday as it is known from now on.

By Steve Burrows
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Shock and awe – the mighty Green Army let loose in 2 matches and pulverised the opposition.

As per the note out on Sunday - a culmination of no rugby for 3-4 weeks, together in the knowledge a year ago they beat us 56 -0, to the game in November where we won by a couple of points in one game and lost by a couple in the other game with some dubious refereeing to absolutely thrashing them on Sunday was truly awesome.

In one game we took them apart at 70-5 and the second game we played with a man less and then 2 men less and still won 20-10. For 2 years they were un beaten until recently, and we have inflicted their biggest loss on them for years
I won’t duplicate content below – but boys you were absolutely superb

As is now usual the boys enjoyed lunch after the match and the 2 captains of the day (Will and Kurtis) thanked Witney for the game and the parents and coaches for their support and confirmed Jack Pierce and Joe Crutch as man of the match. Forfeits were handed out to Charlie and birthday boy Ted.

Steve Burrows.

What a Sunday of Rugby!!!!!!!

I would first like to say how proud I am as a coach off ALL the boys on Sunday. I believe that as coaches and parents we saw for the first time this season what this unit can do when they put their minds to it. We have always known they has the talent but on Sunday they put this talent together with a belief and a determination I have not seen this season. A truly AWESOME performance.

At the start of the games we gave the boys three very simple instructions:

Do not let any opposition player with the ball take more than 3 steps before they were tackled.
Get the ball to the strike runner with purpose and speed.
Support the strike runners at all times.

I think in both games that for the most part we achieved the goals that we gave them. In the game on MM1 we simply did not let them get into the game. We have always known that in attack we can score tries but for the first time this season both the attack and defence worked at the same time which produced a result of epic proportions. in fact from Witney’s web page, I can’t see a loss of this magnitude in their history.

On Pitch 2 the game was a closer affair but no less impressive as there other team in my opinion is a good and if not better than most other clubs main teams. They produces a result though hard work and a determination that was very impressive.

One of the measures that the squad must be very pleased with, is that 19 players this season out of the squad have scored tries, which makes it very hard for teams to defend against us as we have strength and depth in attack.

At this stage I would like to congratulate the forwards in both game as without their awesome play on Sunday the backs would not have a day like we did.

To help with our aim of long term improvement and development I would like each individual back to ask three question of themselves. We will have a chat on Friday on what you all come up with:

One final thing:

We have now seen what the boys are capable of and now we have the challenge to reproduce the same skill, belief and determination in every game we play. You as players have set the bar. I as a coach do not expect you to fall below that bar in any game. In fact I expect you a players and as a unit to continually push that bar higher each game.

You have made me a very happy coach and I am very proud of you all.


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