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Learning all the Time

Learning all the Time

By Steve Burrows
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We turned up awake and ready to play rugby. Compared to the previous week we alert and straight into the game.

At this stage of the teams development they still have a lot to learn and for 40 of the 50 minutes we looked the better side. A moment of inexperience cost us the match by not kicking a penalty the worst result should we have not scored the penalty is they would be kicking the ball to us and we would again have possession. Instead we gave them the ball and they ran the length of the pitch and scored.

It is all about learning and as we all know next year we go into the league system and the decisions made will become more and more important and game changing.

The Coaches man of the match was Ollie Robb – well done Ollie

This week is another big match for us playing against Amersham who won the County Cup and who are in our league for next season.

Finally on Sunday I dashed off to get Charlie to his parents and onto hospital. I am pleased to say that he is a bit battered but no lasting damage or anything broken.

Backs Report = Steve Burrows

This was a much better performance that the week before. The boys got their minds into gear from the start of the game and we put ON’s under pressure right from the start of the game.


We play well in the attack phase of the game with some good attacking play throughout the game but did have problems breaking down a well-organized defence. In the first half we were playing into the wind and had problems making our kicking game effective. In the second half of the game with the wind behind us we did not use the kicking game to great effect and this is an area we need to work on. We also need to use the set-backs plays more when we come across a good defence like ON’s as you will just not break them down unless you put them under pressure and cause confusion in their defence play.


Our defence was much better this week. We stopped one of the best attacking clubs in Northamptonshire from scoring their normal quantity of trys for most of the game. We pushed up and squashed the amount of time they had on the ball to make decisions and the standard of tackleing was much better this week. The main thing we have to work on here is that at time in the game the defensive line got sucked into the middle of the field which gave them lots of room to work on the side lines. This is something we will have to work on in training.


We took the opportunity of this game to play a few players in new positions which generally work very well. I do not normally single out indvidual players but on this occasion i will. We played Jason at full back for the first time and he made 2 try saving tackles and had a very good game in attack. Well done Jason. We also had a number of players coming back from injury, so some of them could not play their game to full potential. I know this is a very dificult to do and they all have the full support of all the team and coach’s We had the winning of this game right until the last few minutes but for a bad decision from the whole team on a possible penalty we were on for a win. After the realization of the bad decision our minds went a bit and we let in two very soft tries. The score line of the game does not reflect the true nature of this game.


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