Bradley Morgan

Bradley Morgan

Central Midfield
Looks like Bradley Morgan didn’t play this season

Previous clubs

Heybridge, Hullbridge


Q:What’s your nickname:
A: Bread

Q:Describe yourself as a footballer in five words:
A: Very fast and scores goals

Q:Favourite Movie:
A: The Italian Job

Q:Favourite Band/Artist:
A: Oasis

Q:Best track that gets you up for game
A: Weiss – Feel my needs

Q:best looking:
A: Alex Salmon

Q:Who has the worst dress sense:
A: Frenchy (Orange socks)

Q:Favourite Player at the Club:
A: Frenchy

Q:Hopes for the season:
A: Score goals, get assists and win the league

Q: Who’s managers pet:
A: No idea

Q: Messi or Ronaldo
A: Ronaldo