Tom Howard

Tom Howard

Looks like Tom Howard didn’t play this season


Q:What’s your nickname:
A: Tommy H

Q:Describe yourself as a footballer in five words:
A: A lover of the game

Q:Favourite Movie:
A: Wolf of Wall Street

Q:Favourite Band/Artist:
A: Spice Girls

Q:Best track that gets you up for game
A: Anything House – Techno, Garage or R&B

Q:best looking:
A: Got to be me surely?

Q:Who has the worst dress sense:
A: Brewer & Swanny

Q:Favourite Player at the Club:
A: Ruggs, JD & Char Griz

Q:Hopes for the season:
A: To enjoy it & see what we can achieve also get Frenchy to play without a skin in 30
degree heat

Q: Who’s managers pet:
A: Early to tell but I’m going with Frenchy

Q: Messi or Ronaldo
A: Jay Jay Ococha