SOA Accreditation

1. SOA Accreditation

Seal of Approval

In 2008, after much hard work and dedication, the Club achieved the official RFU Seal of Approval status.

As a result of this we all gain a number of benefits. Each year we are given an RFU health check
to ensure we are still in full compliance with the award.

What is the RFU Seal of Approval?
The Rugby Football Union introduced the Mini and Youth Seal of Approval accreditation programme in 2002 as a method of examining, maintaining and improving the provision of rugby in the mini and youth section of a rugby club.

The accreditation recognises the effort and achievement of the volunteers in reaching the required standard of a club committed to the development of rugby for young people.

In association with Sport England and the Clubmark scheme it will show all those with an interest in Rugby that our Club is providing its young people with a safe, well organised and enjoyable environment in which to learn and play Rugby.

What does this mean?
Burnley Rugby Club undertakes to ensure the following:
The provision of a safe environment for minors
The provision of First Aiders
The provision of RFU Qualified Coaches
To ensure all those in direct contact with minors hold a current
CRB" Approved status." CRB or any similar legal and/or RFU requirement.

To provide a safe environment. for your children, we have also implemented the following policies & processes:
Child Protection Policy
Child Welfore Policy
Heolth and Safety Policy
Equity Policy
Anti Bullying Statement
Mini & Youth Disciplinary Code
Coaches Code of Ethics
Guidance on Physical Contact with Young People.
Guidance for Dealing with an Incident or Accident.
+ others.

All of these are available from the Club Chairman or on this Club Website