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Burton Women Return In True Style

Burton Women Return In True Style

By Emma Tickle
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29-0 victory over Cannock

Today saw the return of Burton Women to Peel Croft. With a mixed ability team, many of whom had never played before, all putting in a fantastic performance to triumph in their first ever fixture beating Cannock 29-0

Burton dominated play with Cannock struggling to handle the sheer strength and power of the Burton Pack. Superb runs by Chantelle Bryant and Stacey Baker left big gaps in the Cannock defence. Debbie Edward's superior understanding and game awareness allowed her to spot these opportunities and lead her back line to successfully scorning 5 try's within the game.
Cannock never gave up and continued to show true grit and determination, but fantastic defensive play by Claire Lawson, Sian Atton and Jennie Wass haulted the Cannock attack and allowed Burton to make further first rate attacking play lead by Georgia Rought Whitta and Sarah Tooze supported by Michelle Wakelin, giving wingers Kristy Witham, Gabs Young, Nicola Long and Rachel Young the chance to unleash their pace, making great distance up the pitch. Excellent tackles throughout by Robyn Steward, Caroline Fotheringham, Rachel and Amy made it virtually impossible for Cannock to enter into the Burton half. This coupled with top quality passing and supportive play in the back line by Cat, Katie, Zoe, Jo Booth and Emma Tickle added to the outstanding performance that was witnessed at Peel Croft today.

Our thoughts go out to the Cannock player who unfortunately got injured early on into the game. We wish you a speedy recovery and send our best wishes.

Try's Scored by:
Emma Tickle (3 Try's, 2 Conversions)
Rachel Young (1 Try)
Robyn Steward (1 Try)

Special thanks go out to our Coach Tom Bartram. Without Tom none of this would have been possible, he has given us the belief that this was achievable. Only 4weeks ago some of our ladies had no idea what Rugby was and for them now be putting on their boots, walking out onto the pitch and representing Burton can only be credited to Toms hard work and dedication to us. Thank you for everything.

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