Sun 10
Under 13s
Ashbourne v Burton

Ashbourne v Burton

By Rebecca Abel
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Burton defeat at Ashbourne's picturesque ground.

Burton travelled to Ashbourne's picturesque ground with a full squad and one sub.

The game started very even with both sides sharing possession and putting in some good tackles, however against Burton's best efforts Ashbourne managed to get the ball out to the wing enabling them to score the first try of the game. This seemed to fire the Burton team up who then played the rest of the first half with the majority of possession and some strong tackling. After a good line out with Reece A winning the ball to pass to Lawson who made a great run and passed to Hector in support to score the try. Burton went on to score another try using a similar format with Lawson making another strong run and passing to Kyle in support to score the try & be converted by Ollie.

Ashbourne 5 Burton 12

Burton seemed to thing that they had done enough in the first half and due to a lack of tackling Ashbourne took advantage and scored three trys which were all converted. Ashbourne also managed to win a penalty against Burton earning them more points. Burton suddenly realised that they had gone from winning to losing and picked up the play. The tackling improved and due to some great rucking and a good team effort managed to score the last try with Tom H crossing the try line.

Ashbourne 29 Burton 17

The lads started the game very impressively but could not keep up the good work, it was great however to see them score a great team try at the end of the game.

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Sun 10, Apr 2016