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Under 13s
Derby v Burton RFC

Derby v Burton RFC

By David Storer
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A fine example of 'kids first' rugby by BRFC

Burton massively on top in the first 20mins running in five impressive tries. Derby players heads are down and they're close to breaking pt as they've been battered in each game they've played this season and it's about to happen to them again.

Here's where we pause and for those that remember our game v Lichfield away early this yr in the cup, we remind ourselves that we were also down by 5 after 20mins. Then with the agreement of the Lichfield Manager, Burton fielded 14 players in both the 2nd and 3rd quarters which in the end, produced an excellent game for both sides with the final two thirds producing a draw, 4 tries each.

So, at 0-5 we offer Derby the chance of fielding 14 players to see if that balances the game up. Derby then run in the next 3 tries within 10 mins into the second third and so we agree to go back down to 13v13. In reply Burton score the next two tries taking the score after 40mins to Derby 3 Burton 7 and with it an excellent, evenly balanced second 20 mins.

With a few injuries Derby can only field 12 players for the final 20 mins so we have a choice again. Stop the game and call it a day, drop one of the Burton players off the pitch to even the teams up or ask a Burton player to swap sides. We chose the latter as the fairest way to keep as many kids playing rugby as possible because we're 'kids first'so one of our stronger players changed sides.

At this pt, the scoring becomes immaterial so whatever happened in the final 20mins, the score isn't impacted.

In the final 20mins Derby ran in 4 tries (2 by the Burton player in a Derby shirt) and if it wasn't for some resolute defending, it could have been more but remember, scores made after teams have been mixed shouldn't be recognised in the overall score which was finalised at the end of 40 mins.

At U13s it's not about the score, it's about keeping kids playing rugby. Not many teams we've played this season would have changed their approach in the game like we did today, however we know Team Burton did the right thing today for the benefit of all the kids at the game today, not just ours......

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