Just to update everybody with news about Drinkwater park. As some of you may have noticed, the changing rooms have undergone a facelift having had over £70,000 spent on it by Bury Council including cladding, lagging, new electrics, flooring and some decoration.

We are hopeful of getting the showers upgraded at the end of this next season and we are submitting plans to get a new facility built in 3-5 years time with the help of Lottery and Sport England funding hopefully. Watch this space ........... !

The container that is in the car park will be moved in the close season to its permanent spot in the trees between Pitch One and the Junior pitches. Mark Teague is then going to be asking for volunteers to help clean up the car park and possibly mark out some parking places to improve the numbers of cars we can get in on match days. Anybody that can spare the time please chip in, as we need some more pro-active support.

Mark is also looking into a program of replacement for the equipment we use regularly, specifically the junior goals and corner flags etc in the first place - we will be looking at funding for this as well. If you could support all fundraising activities either by getting involved or simply by attending the function or event it would help enormously not least because it's to all our benefit.

Just a quick overview of things going forward, we have been told by Bury Council that due to the cuts in public services needed to make up the losses from central government, we are going to have to take over all maintenance at Drinkwater Park including cutting the grass, line-marking, pitch maintenance etc.

We are in the process of costing this out and looking at another container, to store our own grass cutting equipment and line marking equipment. If we have anybody in the club who has knowledge in this area and can give advice and/or active help it would be much appreciated.

If anybody wants to contact me direct you can email me at

Chris Brown

Development Co-Ordinator