Club Statement

Club Statement

By Paul Elliott
22 March 2020
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Please take time to read the statement below regarding the recent suspension to games and training

Dear Players, Parents & Guardians,

As a club we are committed to keeping our players, volunteers and their families safe, which is particularly important following the recent government announcements to contain the spread of COVID-19.

As you’re aware the Rugby Football League have announced that all grass roots matches and training will be suspended.

We know that this is very frustrating for players, parents, coaches & volunteers but we hope you understand that it is necessary.

We have had some questions regarding subs payments in light of these suspensions.
Cadishead Rhinos relies on your subs to survive. We are a non-profit group run by volunteers.

Our biggest single cost is the running and maintenance of the clubhouse and we still have fixed costs such as gas, electric, insurances etc which need to be met.

We hope that our position gives you some insight into how we operate as a club and that you agree that continuing to pay subs is vitally important to us during these uncertain times.

We have always recognised that some people may face difficulty paying subs and have been happy to help where we can so that the kids can enjoy rugby with their friends and we understand the payments may be difficult for some during the coming months.

We are very appreciative of your support, particularly through these difficult and uncertain times and hope that you continue to see the benefit in maintaining a financially strong club and ensuring we are still solvent and have a fully operational clubhouse available for our players when they can eventually return to playing and training.

Your support as always is much appreciated! Take care and keep safe and hopefully we will see you all back down at Lords Street soon.

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