Rhinos to return to training from Saturday 20th June

Rhinos to return to training from Saturday 20th June

By Paul Elliott
12 June 2020
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We're pleased to confirm we'll be restarting training with a phased return over a 4 week period starting with our adult teams

What can I expect when the sessions restart?

Activities will take place in maximum groups of 6 including the coach with no contact and 2 meter social distancing measures in place at all times

On arrival you will be asked if you have any symptoms, are living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or have been advised to self-isolate and anyone who answers yes will be refused entrance and asked to return home immediately

There will be a check in area on arrival where all players will register and sanitiser will be provided for them to clean their hands before and after each session

Session times will be staggered to avoid large groups arriving and leaving at the same time

All rugby balls & equipment will be cleaned thoroughly before and after every session

A fully stocked first aid box to be kept on site. 2m distancing can be broken to administer first aid if necessary, but gloves & face mask must be worn be the first aider before doing so

The clubhouse will remain closed until further notice apart from access to the toilet (no access to showers or changing rooms)

Guidance for Players and Parents of Junior Players

You will be expected to confirm attendance 24 hours ahead of the sessions to aid with planning

In addition to sanitising hand at the ground on arrival and departure players are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly before leaving home and returning from any sessions

2 meter social distancing should be maintained by both players and parents both on and off the field

If you have any symptoms, live in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or have been advised to self-isolate then you should not attend these sessions

Players should bring their own clearly identifiable drink bottles

Players should arrive no earlier than their designated time and leave immediately once their session has ended

Parents will not be allowed in training areas and must also maintain social distancing at all time

You should feel under no pressure to return and choosing not to train is fine

Guidance for coaches

No mixing of groups during the sessions and where possible try to keep the same groups of 6 together for future sessions

A quarter of a pitch as a minimum space will be allocated for each group of 6

Coaches to plan sessions and have everything ready and drills set up before starting

Sessions to focus on fitness and skills-based activities

Minimise the time where 1 ball is shared by all 6 participants in your group

Ensure sessions start and end on time

When will your training restart?

Each group will do 2 trial weekend sessions before restarting mid-week sessions:

The planned restart dates for the first sessions are as follows

Saturday 20th June – Men, Ladies & Masters
Sunday 28th June – U16s, U13s, U11s & U10s
Sunday 5th July – U9s, U8s, U7s
Sunday 13th July – U6s
Cubs to be confirmed

These dates could be subject to change as we continue to monitor the situation closely

If you have any concerns or questions then please raise these with your coaches or you can ring our club secretary Paul Elliott on 07595 388377 or email him at pse08hotmail.co.uk

In the meantime we have set up an online survey for parents of our juniors players, can we please ask to visit this and let us know your thoughts on returning to training and any feedback that might help us to deliver the return safely, please see the link below


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