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1. A Rugby Tour Making a Difference

'A Rugby Tour Making a Difference'

When? 13th April to 26th April 2011

Where? South Africa - Johannesburg Shanty Town

Doing What?

  1. They will be working for 5 days (40 hours) building a Creche for infant age children for a school in the Shanty Town.
  2. Be involved in a feeding programme for a day to the poorest of the poor in the Shanty Town.
  3. Play 3/4 rugby games against local schools and rugby clubs.

Partners Involved in the Tour:-
  • C.O.B.R.A. RFC
  • YMP (Youth Mission Project) - whose desire is not only to build houses but also build lives and character of participants as well.
  • Rainbow FM Johannesburg - local radio station.

Sponsors Required for?
  • Rugby Shirt sponsors - already in hand due to time in getting shirts made.
  • Sponsorship for 40 hours work on the project by each youth team member on the trip (i.e. to purchase materials needed for the project).
  • Business sponsors will be given the opportunity to have their names put in the tour brochure and in the County Times advert prior to their departure.
  • All cheques to made payable to YMP-TENT.

  • Steve Horne - 01691 828108 / 07967 110349
  • Phil Lewis - 01938 500152 / 07825 158339
  • Darren Mayor - 01691 648214 / 07891 592710


A Rugby Tour Making a Difference