Hockey Kit

EHC Kit is available from the EHC Y1 Kit Store

A small amount of kit (if required for sizing before you order) and some socks for purchase may be held by the Club - email for information.

Youth Kit Orders

Training: Youths up to U14 are not required to wear club branded kit.

Matches: For matches, each child is required to have both navy and white EHC t-shirts, a navy skort/shorts/leggings, and navy and white socks. Players will be instructed on/before the day whether to wear white or blue.

Shorts (male and female versions), Skorts and Leggings Junior Sizes are available under the Men's Shorts, Women's Shorts, Women's Skorts and Leggings categories, however it is not compulsory to purchase the branded versions.

At EHC we encourage all participants to wear clothing that they are comfortable in. We want to avoid any barriers to playing due to concerns about sportswear or body image. For matches, we do need to colour coordinate, however.

Mouth guards and shin guards must be worn for all training and matches.

U16 and Senior Kit Orders

All U16, U18 and Senior players need to buy the Club’s senior playing shirts along with the home and away socks.

All U16, U18 and Senior players also need to wear a navy shorts/leggings/skort. Club versions of these are available through Y1, however it is not compulsory to purchase the branded versions.

You can use individual sponsorship from suitable companies to reduce the cost of the kit to yourself.

It is not compulsory to purchase other club branded items, however the club would encourage these to promote a more unified club image.