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Hockey Kit

EHC is now getting all kit through PSL Team Sports. All EHC Club kit, along with different kit packages, are available through the website.

Youth Kit Orders
We currently don't have a kit that youths up to Under 14 are required to purchase, however all Under 12s and Under 14s will receive a navy and a white Canterbury training t-shirt with their registration fees for the 2018/19 season, and they should wear these when playing in league and tournament matches - if selected, players will be instructed whether to wear the white or the navy.

Please note, there is minimum 3 week turnaround for the Canterbury training t-shirts, and they are only ordered on receipt of player registration fees.

Until all registration t-shirts are available, a playing strip will be supplied by the coach prior to the match, and must be handed back at the end.

Each child is however required to have a navy skort/shorts and navy socks in order to play.

U16 and Senior Kit Orders
All S3-S4 (U16) and Senior players need to buy the Club’s senior playing shirts (a white and a navy) along with the home socks (navy, white and gold hooped) and away socks (navy). Orders for all club kit, including the shirts, must be done through PSL Team Sports. If this is the first time a player is purchasing a club playing strip, they will require a number to be allocated. Please just specify zero (0) when placing the order, and PSL will be in touch with the EHC kit coordinator to arrange allocation of a new number.

Please note, PSL Team Sports will confirm all numbers with the kit coordinator before printing playing shirts, so please do not try to allocate yourself a number.

All S3-S4 (U16) and senior players need to also wear a navy skort/shorts. Club versions of these are available through PSL, however it is not compulsory to purchase the branded versions.

You can use individual sponsorship from suitable companies to reduce the cost of the kit to yourself.

It is not compulsory to purchase a club hoodie, however the club would encourage these to be bought for U16 and senior players, to promote a more unified club image. The hoodies, along with all other club kit are available to purchase through PSL.

All Under 16s and Under 18s will receive a navy and a white Canterbury training t-shirt with their registration fees for the 2018/19 season.