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AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes

By Mandy Hudson-Windsor
21 May 2020
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AGM Meeting that took place on 05 May 2020

EHC AGM Minutes
(Sponsored by Cala Homes)
05/05/2020 at 7.00 pm via Zoom online

Colin Fraser, Dave Ross, Lil McNab, Marjorie Watson, Sharon Henderson, Eric Briton, Gary Kingsley, David Allan, Neil Allan, Rachel Keys, Paddy McFarlane, Sandy Weir, Catherine Hobbs, Norman Springfield, Pam Grant, Harris Morrison, Roberts Family, Yoni van Breukelen, Janice Windsor, Joyce Souness, Jane Thain, Martyn Stronach, Karen Stevenson, Crerar Adams, Susan Rome, Craig Robertson, Lynne Whittaker, John Smith, Abigail McLurg, Anne Martin, Angela Niven, Louise Massey, Lisa John, Mandy Hudson, Nicole Allan, David Allan


1. Finance update & membership fees 2020/2021
2. Constitution updates
3. Election of office-bearers
4. Umpiring challenge
5. Plan May to September
a. Training & coaching
b. Social activity
6. AOB

1. Finance Update and membership fees 2020/2021

Lynne Whittaker presented the financial position of the club saying that the club has a surplus of £ 10 000.00 over last year although this is not as good as it seems. The cost of coaching costs is way less that last year as well as the fact that we got a donation of £7,000.00 in. The Subs income is down on last year as well.
Due to the Covid-19 situation, it has been decided to freeze most of the fees for 2020 other than the U8 and under 10 who are only paying £55.00 at present. The increase has not been decided yet.
Dave Ross is looking into a fee structure that will attract students back to the club from University. It has been a battle to get students back into the club and it has been suggested that they get a £60.00 discount which will mean they pay £140.00 per season.
Susan Rome agrees with this and finds this a good incentive and is encouraging players her age to return. The proposal by Dave Ross and seconded by Susan Rome was agreed.
There is a cost structure associated with our enhanced coaching approach, which will necessitate increased fund raising to ensure it is sustainable.
A question was asked as to the cost of the unused pitch hires – Lynne confirmed that there is a one-week notice period on this and we had no significant extra cost.
Going forward there will obviously be fee increases but not this year. The Committee will hold another general meeting in the Autumn to update & consult members, should there be a material change to the structure of next season as a result on Covid19. Any person/family who is having financial problems can contact the club to discuss this.
A question was asked regarding refund or credit of a percentage of this year’s fees. The committee had considered and decided not to do this as number of costs were fixed for the year and a number of teams had completed the bulk of their season’s games.

Anyone wanting a copy of the financial report can contact Lynne at lynne.whittaker16@gmail.com.

2. Constitution updates

The matter of the President being in role for longer than 2 years was brought to the meeting and a vote was taken to agree that the position of the President role will from now on be for up to 4 years, subject to election each year.
It was proposed by Dave Ross and seconded by Gary Kingsley.

It was also agreed that the Management Committee Composition would be enhanced with the addition of the Welfare Officer and Schools Hockey Coordinator roles.
It was proposed by Dave Ross and seconded by Gary Kingsley.

3. Election of Office Bearers

The other positions held in the club are as follows:

1. President Colin Fraser
2. Vice President - Senior - Dave Ross
3. Vice President – Youth – Lil McNab
4. Secretary, also known as Communications Coordinator – Mandy Hudson
5. Treasurer – Lisa Stewart (incoming)
6. Men’s hockey representative – Harris Morrison
7. Women’s hockey representative – Marjorie Watson
8. Welfare Officer – Jane Thain
9. Schools Hockey Coordinator – Teresa Costigan

4. Umpire Challenge

Marjorie Watson gave some feedback on the Umpire position at the club saying that there is an urgent need for more umpires in the club and saying that we need to encourage younger people to take this on.
Yoni van Breukelen suggests that each team takes on the responsibility of having at least one umpire in each team.
Possibly encourage financially with each time they umpire a game the cost of the fees will reduce.
Lynne has said that the club will pay for the training of the umpires but these umpires need to remain loyal to the club.
Colin agreed to engage with Scottish Hockey to get an online umpire training facility arranged.
5. Plan May to September

a. Training & coaching

Neil Allan gave a good report on how he is getting the teams together with a fitness programme currently under way. Teams are given tasks to do with Neil assisting with an online session.
The waiting list was brought up with someone asking as to what age will children be able to get onto the pitch. Lil confirmed that we currently take children from P2 which is 6 years old.

b. Social activity

We have started with an online fitness session with FIT Edinburgh (Sarah Allan) every Sunday morning at 11am. All club members are welcome to join. An invite will be sent out to all members via Pitchero.
Mandy Hudson is getting on top of all the social media platforms that we have available to the club. Pitchero / Facebook / Instagram (@edinburghhockey) / Twitter (@cala-hockey).
If you are on social media, please follow these platforms where we will be sending out information and or news/activities.
I also ask that you go onto your Pitchero account and update your details to ensure that you get all the information posted there for your benefit.

6. AOB

Heather Elder will be doing the Newsletter on a regular basis so any items that you want published please get in touch with her at ehcnewsletter@outlook.com

Yoni/Heather and Mandy to work on the webpage and member education regarding all the social media platforms. Jane Thain, the welfare officer, will be keeping an eye on posting with respect to the youth in the club.

Extra Notes/ Suggestions

Adding the names of Scottish National Players to the webpage/facebook as an inspiration to new members.

Adding a link to the recent Evening News article and future press coverage.

Can we establish ourselves as a charity to gain tax benefits on membership fees? – Craig Robertson. Craig to pick up directly with Lynne who had investigated.

The Committee is currently planning that at the earliest on pitch hockey activity will start in August, with no competitive hockey before September.

Sharon Henderson asked if there was interest in having a club dinner once the Covid-19 threat was over. A resounding Yes in reply to that.

Can we do online award evenings? Possibly dress up and have dinner while the awards take place. It was agreed to investigate.

It was also agreed to have a Youth awards ceremony online.

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