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Sun 13
U16 Girls
As vs ESM

As vs ESM

By Lilian McNab
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Some good play and excellent goals!

U16As were first-up today against ESM. The defence did what was required and then supported attacks. Aine made a good decision to come and clear when our defence might not have made it to a through ball before the forward. Too many goals to report to say anything more about them!
First goal was very early from a "corner" - Tallulah drove slightly right and found a gap for a flat pass to Sorcha's stick which she finshed well on reverse. We pinched ball from a hit-in in their back left corner and Phoebe was there to finish from the cross. A quick ball from midfield found Annabel who moved it on quicly to Louisa who finished nicely. 3-0 at half -time. Kate then got a wee touch one handed on Tallulah's driven ball to direct it in to the opposite corner. She followed that up with another where she turned strong, kept the ball on her stick till she found the gap for a shot - great composure. Megan got a goal from a Phoebe cross I believe but I was talking to the bench..... Megan then securedthe ball wide left, turned out strong to drop the ball to Faye who moved the ball right early where Annabel crashed it home from there - a pleasing goal from a coach point of view. Phoebe and Sorcha each got a 2nd but someone else will need to provide details as I missed the last 5 minutes to get back to Meggetland for the next match. Well done all - enjoy your Christmas break!
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Match details

Match date

Sun 13, Dec 2020



Meet time



Umpire: Marjorie Watson
Parent helper: Amanda Roberts

Venue: ESM home pitch East Fettes Ave
NOTE time change 2:15 meet for 2:30.
Please wear BLUE tops.