Club Mission Statement

THE CALEDONIAN THEBANS are an inclusive rugby club who provide a welcoming, safe, enthusiastic and fun environment for members to play rugby no matter the individuals’ sexual preference or identity. We are a brotherhood who supports one another, no matter what, in the pursuit of quality rugby and in all other matters.
In order to further the development of the club we wish to hit the following milestones within the clubs next three rugby seasons;
1) Grow the squad to 40+ players
2) Play at least 15-20 competitive rugby games per season
3) Join a competitive Scottish rugby league
4) Host at least one competitive rugby tournament per season
5) Travel to two long distance rugby games/tournaments per season
6) Develop a working relationship with a professional club in order to expand the depth of coaching expertise and facilitate integration into the Scottish rugby league system
7) Develop a Thebans touch team to run alongside the XVs team
8) Encourage 3 – 5 club sponsors
9) Hold monthly social events with players and supporters to improve club unity.
Alongside these goals the club will strive to develop the self confidence and skills of all players, fielding multiple teams that play and enjoy senior XVs and touch rugby. It will provide structured training to advance the abilities of all players no matter their initial level of expertise.
The Thebans represent rugby for all and will always endeavour to provide this, encourage each individual member to achieve their potential.