Play with the Canucks!

Play with the Canucks!

The club spirit of the Canucks is what makes it a special rugby club. Our player numbers have been extremely strong in recent years, demonstrated by ending successful years finishing in the yearly provincial semi-finals or finals. The Calgary season runs from April to October.

On Field
Over the past five years, the club has benefited from excellent coaching and leadership from former Canadian national player Matt King, ACT Brumbies academy coach Darren Coleman and our very own Guy Beavers. The club-wide systems these coaches put in place built a solid platform from which we have developed into one of the strongest clubs in Alberta.
Securing the services of former Welsh International scrum half, Richard Smith, as head coach the club has moved from strength to strength.

The Canucks have a great social schedule including a pre-season trip (Maggotfest – Missoula, Montana), Best Dressed Night, Rookie Night, and East Coast Night. Check out our Events for more information on these nights and the photos.
And yes, new players count as rookies no matter their age.
The last overseas tour (Mexico, Panama and Colombia) was held during to the 2010 season. The Canucks tour every four years and plan to tour Argentina in 2014.
We have the best fan base in Calgary and each grade gets in and supports their club-mates at matches. When we have a beer after practice or a match, we drink as a club, not along divisional lines. New players (young and old) are always made welcome by the experienced players.
The Canucks also have the benefit of having our training facilities and club house close to Calgary’s downtown and serviced by public transport.

Club Spirit
The spirit among the Canucks is second to none. The Canucks help each other out with things like work and accommodation and that spirit is extended to new players to the club. In the past few years we have organized a fundraiser each season for a cause close to club’s heart and have had awesome support for this from active and retired club members.

Overseas Players
Each season the Canucks welcome overseas players that have either met Canucks in their travels or a looking for a club while in Calgary. The Canucks welcome players of all skill levels and experience and club members are always happy to help a fellow Canuck find work and accommodation.
Many of our visitors have such a great time in Calgary and with the Canucks the problem can often be getting rid of them.

New to Calgary?
The Canucks have many players from around the country that have moved to Calgary for work. Joining the club is a quick and easy way for people new to town to make friends and players of all skill levels and ages are welcome.

New to Rugby?
The Third and Second division teams have often featured players new to rugby. You are never too old to give it a try and the club and coaching staff are always happy to spend time with inexperienced players to give them the training and skills to succeed in the game.