Camelot Membership Cards - Coming Soon!

Camelot Membership Cards - Coming Soon!

Camelot Membership Cards - Coming Soon!

We have received enquiries regarding membership cards.

Please note the above image is a working sample only.

The club is proposing to introduce membership cards for the New Year. The purpose behind their introduction is threefold;

  1. To provide members of the club with clear benefits of membership
  2. To encourage membership take-up
  3. To enable us to comply with new rules which govern clubs like Camelot RUFC by identifying the different sources of revenue (non member/ member).
Some of the finer details are still being worked out, but in summary the main benefits will be:

All members

  • Discount to club bars and club shop
  • Access to members bar
  • Discounts to range of local retailers & businesses (details coming soon...)
  • Access to International Match Tickets (England home matches, Autumn Intls & Six Nations)
  • Access to Saracens tickets
  • 50% discount to venue hire
  • Eligibility to use club gym (seperate terms apply)
  • Discounted personal training sessions
  • Discounted entry to club events & dinners
  • More to follow soon...

Minis & Youth Players

  • Midweek/ weekend training with qualified coaching team
  • Pre-season training
  • Access to Saracens events & Socious training academy
  • Eligibility to play in friendly & league fixtures
  • Eligibility to play in tournaments/ festivals (incl. all entry fees)
  • Free food and squash after training/ matches
  • Hot showers
  • Club end of season awards awards & Christmas Party
  • More to follow soon...

Senior Players

  • Eligibility to play in friendly & league fixtures (senior players)
  • Eligibility to play in Rugby Sevens Tournaments (senior players)
  • Hot shower, meal and pint after each game
  • Tuesday & Thursday nights training with experienced coaching staff (Colts & senior players)
  • Pre-season fitness & rugby training (Colts & senior players)
  • Wednesday night physiotherapy clinic (all Colts & Senior Players)
  • Eligibility for club end of season awards awards
  • All Referee Fees

Cards will only be issued to those assigned to one of the membership categories listed HERE.

Further information will follow shortly.

If you are a business owner and would be willing to offer holders of Camelot membership cards a discount to your business then we'd love to hear from you!

Please e-mail

Thank you

Charles Riches
Hon. Commercial Director