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12. Grants & Fund Raising Manager


To identify, apply for and follow up grant applications in order to target relevant
investment in the club linked to the club’s business/development plans; to make the
most of the opportunities found in potential grants.

To plan and organise fund raising events and activities.

Key aspects of the role

  1. Liaise with Executive Committee / Board
  2. Liaise with the Executive Committee / Board to ensure that all grant application efforts are well directed, realistic and in line with the vision of the club, business/ development plans.
  3. Source and lead all grant applications
  4. Look into and apply for grants to help invest in the club as well as ensuring that all necessary follow-up to the grant application process is completed.
  5. Arrange and implement fundraising strategies
  6. Plan and organise fundraising activities for the club from raffles and the RFU Grand Draw to fundraising events.
  7. Liaise with other members and ensure proper recording
  8. If necessary, form a fundraising team. Collect fundraising money and pass it on to the Treasurer; monitor and accurately record the success of fundraising activities.

Is this role for you?

If you have a detailed understanding of the vision and plans for the club, comfortable in managing the details of grant applications and are careful and methodical in your approach, you could hold an important position with the potential to bring in additional investment to support your club.

You will also need to be enthusiastic and good at motivating people, imaginative and happy to try out new fundraising ideas with strong communication skills. You could hold a position where you help raise the funds needed for the club to operate effectively and efficiently.

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