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6. Transition Manager (Youth to Senior Player Progression + Exiles)


To be a resource to encourage and support players transitioning from the club’s youth section to the senior section.

Key aspects of the role

Act as a single point of contact for the players
Identify the wants and needs of the young player as an individual and work out how the transition to senior rugby can be best managed whilst also ensuring the overall club and team ethos is not compromised. Achieve a win win situation for both player and club.

Support ‘Exiles’
For players moving away from home for the first time, be it to University, College or the Armed Forces be a helpful resource to:

  • Help retain their link with Camelot aka ‘their’ club
  • Ensure they continue to play and enjoy their rugby, be it one / any combination of University, College Rugby, local club Rugby in the vicinity of their new location and / or Camelot.
  • Put on occasional event in holiday periods when they are back at home; i.e. rugby followed by social.

Ensure the club is aware of opportunities
Work with players and coaches within your club to help ensure everyone understands the opportunities and how the relationships should work.

Is this role for you?
If you are confident, resourceful, enthusiastic and dedicated to your club, you could hold a role where you ensure the future playing resources of the club are growing from within.