Membership Subs 2020-21

Behind the scenes The Executive Committee have been working tirelessly to ensure Camelot is well prepared for the start of the new season, whenever that may be…

As you would expect, we continue to be led by the RFU as to when we can get back to competitive rugby by adhering to their 6-phase return to rugby plan. Today, we are at phase D with no confirmed start date for the season.

The committee therefore feel it would be inappropriate, at this stage, to set playing subs for next season, preferring to opt for a two-tiered plan.

Despite some draft fixtures and leagues being published, we still have no definitive return date. However, fitness and training are underway at Camelot, subject to the phase D requirements and mindful of age-grade rugby and safeguarding/ off-season protocols, with our younger members due to return on the 13th September. Much hard work has been undertaken to keep the ongoing running costs of Camelot to a minimum during this difficult period however as we begin to slowly reopen some costs increase. Costs such as opening the bar, buying balls or equipment for our playing membership, cutting the grass, line marking and so on…

The committee is therefore asking all members to embrace a two-phase subs plan.

Phase I

All members are asked to purchase social membership subs (£35) by September 30th HERE. Vice Presidents (£30) can also be purchased via the same link.

This will provide vital funds to help to keep the club finances on an even keel whilst we prepare for the season ahead.

I am a senior player – how much do I pay?

If you are a senior player and expect to play for one of the four senior sides this season (1st – 3rd XV or Vets) please just pay the £35 social subs for now.

I am a senior player with a child in the minis or youth – how much do I pay?

Please pay the £35 social subs for yourself and £35 for each child you have in the minis or youth sections.

I am a parent – how much do I pay?

Parent membership is included within the subs for your child. Please pay £35 social subs for each child you have in the minis or youth section.

I am a member, I don’t play and have no children that play – how much do I pay?

If this is you, then you are a social member. Please pay £35. No additional payments will be requested from you for the 2020-21 season.

The Early Bird

A number of senior players have expressed a willingness to pay the full subs amount up front in order to support the club at this challenging time. We are extremely grateful to you and you will find the Early Bird subscription HERE for £150. No further subs will be requested of you for the 2020-21 season.

Phase II

Once we have a firm start date, the committee will be able to publish playing subs for next season. Once we know how much rugby is due to be played, the committee will be in a position to determine subs on a pro-rata basis and have already confirmed that subs will be no more than last season.

For those wishing to play next season, the Phase I contribution will be deducted from the subs due and only a balancing payment will be requested.

Details will be published here as soon as further information becomes available.

If you have any questions or require further information please e-mail

Camelot Executive Committee