Mini & Youth Rugby


The new season starts 10am Sunday 1st September 2019 and we are looking to build on some great successes last year!

Please check the CONTACT list for the e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the relevant age-group contact. We are always looking for new players.

What is Mini & Youth Rugby ?
Childrens rugby is broken down along the same lines as school-year groups.

Under 7s = School Yr 1 & Yr 2
Under 8s = School Year 3
Under 9s = School Year 4
Under 10s = School Year 5
Under 11s = School Year 6
Under 12s = School Year 7
Under 13s = School Year 8
Under 14s = School Year 9
Under 15s = School Year 10
Under 16s = School Year 11
Under 17s = School Year 12
Under 18s = School Year 13

Mini & Youth rugby is a game with a basic rugby format that is introduced through stages. During a young players career all the relevant rules are introduced at each age-group in order that players can progress towards the 15 a-side game. The Rugby Continuum introduces those skills gradually to players through the age groups.

Under 7: Non-contact tag-rugby. Teams of 4 a-side
Under 8: Non-contact tag-rugby. Teams of 6 a-side.
Under 9: Introduction to full contact. Teams of 7 a-side
Under 10: Introduces contested scrums and line outs.
Under 11: Introduces kicking and 5 man contested scrums. 12 a-side
Under 12: Introduces the number 8 to the scrum along with 4 man contested line-outs in a 13 a-side game.

Under 13 upwards, full 15 a-side game on a full sized pitch.

Who can play rugby?
Rugby is a sport for all shapes & they tall or short, skinny or solid, boy or girl, rugby is the sport for every shape of child.

When can my child start playing?
Children must be 5 years old before they can start playing but the U6's cannot compete in competitive fixtures.

Can girls play?
Certainly! Girls and boys play in mixed teams as equals up to/including the Under-11 age-group.

We have a dedicated team of coaches who aim to make rugby fun for everyone. They have all undertake CRB checks. The Club is a volunteer club. All the officers, coaches, administrators and parents who help out every Sunday do so on a completely voluntary basis, without them there would be no club.

We are NOT a crèche. In adherence with RFU regulations, we expect parents / guardians / accompanying adults to stay, watch and encourage their children during the sessions. If unable you must leave a contact number and nominate a responsible parent within the age group your child plays as a precaution. It is absolutely essential that at the end of the session someone is there to collect the children.

What to wear and bring
All equipment (balls, cones etc) is provided. However, it is the parents responsibility to ensure their children are appropriately clothed for the conditions. When it does get cold and wet please make sure your child is suitably dressed. Match shirts are provided for fixtures.

Coaching will not be cancelled if it is merely cold, wet and miserable, but if it is truly horrible we will limit the session length accordingly. However, truly horrible days are surprisingly rare.

Insurance for players is provided by the Club through the RFU, this is included in your membership fees.

Give your child time to decide whether he/she likes Mini-Rugby and wants to continue before paying the subs or buying any kit. We recommend two sessions before you commit.

Gum shields/Protective Clothing
We recommend that players of ALL age-groups from Under-7s upwards wear a gumshield, be they be playing tag-rugby or contact-rugby.
All players from U9s upwards MUST wear a gum shield during matches and training. Your child will not be allowed to play unless they wear one.
Headguards & shoulder-pads help protect children & provide confidence. They are not compulsory.

Please send your child with water or a non fizzy drink.