Sponsor HH (Camelot) RUFC

Big plans need big support.

Hemel Hempstead (Camelot) RUFC or Camelot as a lot of people in the county know us has occupied its current place in Chaulden lane for around 80 years.

Whilst the club house isn't that old it is in need of being rebuilt and possibly relocated as the pressure on use increases.

We would dearly love to build a new club house more central to the playing fields that we occupy and to also open up sport of different types to the local community.

The plans are big and so would be the project but the benefits it could bring to the local community are also big and would be of a real benefit to so many.

We very much rely on our sponsors to help us maintain the existing club house,
the pitches, equipment and so much more.

if you would like to get involved with a club with ambition and a desire to succeed please contact our commercial director Charles Riches by email Commercial@Camelotrfc.co.uk

Thank you.