Sun 15
At Harpenden with Tring
Sun 15
Too two

Too two

By Dave Martin
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2 wins and 2 losses. Time to man up when you are playing any opposition, not just a C team !!

Following a well-respected minute's silence for the Parisians that suffered a terrorist attack this week Camelot Under 12's made their way down to the far corner of the playing fields at Harpenden to participate in 4 matches on a mild, yet extremely windy day.

The first match was against the other visitors for the day, Tring. Adapting well to the wide pitch Camelot started lively, passing the ball around, and showing some superb rucking skills that constantly put the opposition on the back foot. It was not long before Camelot took the lead, some more excellent rucking, the ball goes out wide to James N and everyone knows what happens next, the Rocket opens his legs, heads for the line and there ain't nobody going to catch him. 1-0.

It was the Rocket again who doubled the lead, Camelot turning the ball over in a ruck, moving the ball wide with some good, quick, passing ready for James to finish the job off in style. 2-0, and a very impressive first-half performance.

After the break Tring came into the game more and got on the scoresheet after a fine interception saw the player clean through, a last ditch tackle almost thwarted his efforts, but he held the ball well to score. 2-1 Camelot.

The rest of the half was an evenly contested battle with some hard tackling and some huge mauls as each side tried to out-drive the other. Possession wise Camelot just had it and scored the only other try of the match with the final play following some hard defending from Tring, James I managed to ground the ball over the line amidst a pile of scrambling bodies.

FT: Camelot 3-1 Tring
Tries: James N 2, James I 1

Squad rotation was used for the second match against Harpenden B with a number of players rested to ensure the full squad had a decent run out. Camelot started well, but paid the penalty for missing tackles when a Harpenden player broke wide and scored with ease to give the home side the lead.

Camelot bounced back well though. They stole the ball in a Harpenden scrum - Ben to Eddie to Ollie to Sam who runs into the corner to score. An excellent team try. 1-1, and they are back in it. Temporarily.

One of the great arts of rugby is tackling - A useful tactic for stopping the opposition and one that seemed to be overlooked for much of the remainder of this match. Another clean run made it 2-1, straight from the kick-off another unchallenged attack became 3-1 and yet another replica try made the score 4-1 at the break.

The second-half had glimpses of improvement but nothing to stop the same thing happening over and over again, the final score being a hefty 1-7 defeat and a valuable lesson learned.

FT: Harpenden B 7-1 Camelot
Tries: Sam S

A similar team took to the field for the next game against Harpenden C, an immediate chance to try and restore some pride (and maybe even put in the odd tackle!). And they did.

A vast improvement on the previous match saw Camelot take the lead when Ollie went on a steaming run to score, not before performing a little pirouette as he went to place the ball down. 1-0. Confidence was up, and everything about the play started to look better. Some good rucking saw Camelot apply the pressure that led to the breakdown which provided Ollie with the chance to burst his way through for his second score of the match. 2-0. Camelot went down to 9 at half time to make it an even contest

The second-half was more even, though Harpenden seemed to be given some generous free-kicks by the referee who seemed to show an Austen Healey level of dislike towards slow scrums, penalising Camelot if they were not set up and ready to go within seconds??! Never see a 4 man front row !! Nonetheless, Camelot got the only other try of the match, a superb team effort as first Alfie and then Byron went on powerful, ground-making runs; stopped close to the try line, Conor picked the ball up, passed wide to Ben who had the simplest of tasks of putting it to ground.

FT: Harpenden C 1-3 Camelot
Tries: Ollie 2, Ben

The final match was a bruising encounter against Harpenden A after a long tiring morning's rugby. Camelot battled hard, but found their opponents more effective when they had the ball in hands as the home side raced into a 2-0 lead before the break. Camelot continued to hold their own in the contests, but could not quite create anything penetrating when they had the ball, unlike the opposition who punished them one further time with a well-worked try.

FT: Harpenden A 3-0 Camelot

Another fine morning's rugby, the rain held off, though it was so blustery you could write a Winne-The-Pooh novel, and there were visible improvements in some of the team play and individual performances. Player of the Week awards went to Alex who impressed on his debut and Sam S who played a key role in all four matches, and well deserves a Sunday afternoon rest.

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