Sun 24
Chesham and Chess Valley
Two Tribes

Two Tribes

By Dave Martin
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A great mornings rugger !!

After the Arctic conditions of last Sunday, there were the first signs of Spring this week, and Camelot Under 12's certainly had a spring in their step as they brushed aside the opposition in a tri-fixture with Chesham and Chess Valley.

Each team got to play each other twice in an action packed morning, with Camelot kicking off against Chess Valley. Dominating possession early doors the opening try came out of the blue. With the visitors putting up a tough defence, James Norman somehow picked up the ball from the ground, spotted a gap and made his way through to score. 1-0.

The lead was soon doubled when Thomas went on a strong run, pulling defenders in before popping the ball out to James Isaac who made no mistake in barging his way through to score.

By now Chess Valley were struggling to get out of their own half, pinned back on their own five metre line for long periods. Camelot showed great patience with driving mauls tiring out the defence before Freddie weaved his way through to score in the corner for 3-0.

The fine rugby continued throughout the game, epitomised by Camelot's 4th try of the match. Rocket Norman picked up the ball, feigned a pass one way before passing the other way to Caolan whose quick hands whipped it straight out to Dan on the wing who successfully handed off two defenders to score in the corner.

With almost literally their first venture into the Camelot half Chess Valley broke the defensive line eventually to score a consolation try late in the game.

FT: Camelot 4-1 Chess Valley
Tries: James N, James I, Freddie, Dan

The second game got off to a blistering start – A high kick-off from Thomas landed in the face of a Chesham defender, the loose ball was passed out wide to George who crossed the line...but lost the ball just before he could get it to ground. The tone was set for the match though, and Camelot dominated once again.

A defensive kick from Chesham was caught perfectly by Thomas,; he set off on a run, passing the ball out to James Norman, to Caolan, to Seb and on to Freddie who makes no mistake scoring in the corner.

That lead was doubled when Freddie got his second of the match, once again proving unstoppable as he found space to score in the same corner. It looked as though James I has made it 3-0 moments later when he looked to have powered over to score, but the ref controversially adjudged the ball to have not been grounded!!

The third try did soon come though, another superb passing move as the ball shifted from left to right, passing through the hands of Freddie and then Thomas, who popped out to Ben who spotted a gap that he barged his way through to make it 3-0.

FT: Camelot 3-0 Chesham
Tries: Freddie 2, Ben

The second match v Chess Valley was the tightest of the day, the visitors putting up stiff opposition with neither side managing to find a way through for large spells as the game was battled out in the middle third. However it was Camelot that did eventually find a space, Dan setting off on a run out wide, once again handing off defenders brilliantly as he surged all the way through to score.

However, Chess Valley refused to cave in as they had in the first match, and deservedly equalised with a break away try, finding space that came about admittedly with a bit of help from two Camelot defenders colliding into each other in Laurel & Hardy fashion enabling the try to be scored almost unchallenged. 1-1...and that's how the match finished.

FT: Camelot 1-1 Chess Valley
Tries: Dan

The final match for Camelot was against Chesham, and they showed no signs of letting up continuing with some fluid passing moves backed up with some excellent battling in the rucks, winning scrums that they had no right to win and all capped off with some superbly executed tries.

The first came from Alfie - Tucking the ball under his arm, dropping his head - There wasn't any way he was going to be stopped as he powered over the line for 1-0. If the first try came from sheer brute force, the second was a result of an exquisite looping pass from Freddie, picked up by Dan on the run who eased his way to the corner to double Camelot's lead.s with all the games, the subs had been rolling on and off throughout the match, but whoever was on the pitch, the pattern remained the same with good handling skills doing all the hard work. The third try came once again from Dan, the recipient of the ball out wide, this time the final pass finding him from Ben who had spotted the space out wide.

By now Chesham's heads were dropping as they realised there was nothing they could do to stop the full force of the boys (and girl) in blue. A fourth try came when George burst through into space on the wing and successfully grounded the ball despite pressure from the defence. 4-0, and still time for one more try; Dan deservedly completing a hat-trick as he just proved unstoppable out wide, handing off defenders to ensure he stayed away from the touchline on his way to scoring his third and Camelot's fifth to round off a high quality performance from all the players involved.

FT: Camelot 5-0 Chesham
Tries: Alfie, George, Dan 3

Overall an excellent morning's rugby in muddy conditions, but a mild spring-like morning with Camelot continuing to improve as we head towards festival season once again, now perhaps looking much more prepared for the competitive games than we were at the start of the season. After days like today, scoring 13 tries and conceding just 2, all the hard effort that has gone into recent months suddenly seems worth it.

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