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U8s at it again!

U8s at it again!

By Simon Jones
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Great U8 feedback from Harpenden at weekend friendly

Camelot U8 sides Knights, Wizards and Chargers travelled to the Harpenden friendly with the home side putting out 4 quality teams. A challenging and rapid-fire encounter ensured cold hands and feet were minimised.

Four matches for each of the Knights and Wizards with three for the Chargers. Scores on the doors:

Knights – 4 wins (total Camelot tries – 37)
Wizards – 2 draws; 2 narrow losses (total Camelot tries – 23)
Chargers – 1 win; 2 narrow losses (total Camelot tries – 19)

Given the strength and depth of the Harpenden teams this is a respectable set of results with good quality match experience across the board. The head coach at Harpenden went onto announce a good day’s rugby had been had making particular mention of lessons they might take away having played Hemel. Well done the teams!

Some items to focus on as we approach the tournaments – always hand back tags and no fending; offences much looked out for by referees at tournaments.

Notable performance of the day goes to Sam Brandon who not only captained the Chargers throughout the morning but went onto play in the Knights final game scoring a try. Congratulations to Sam for getting player of the day - very well deserved.

Not wanting to forget our ever supportive parents. Big thanks as always for braving the cold.

For those from Harpenden’s U8 section who might read this – many thanks for a good morning’s sport.

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