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Club Rules

1. Club Information

That the Club shall be called “CAMP HILL RUGBY CLUB LTD” (Camp Hill RCL)
(Formerly Camp Hill Old Edwardian RFC and Camp Hill RFC)
That the colours of the Club shall be Maroon and Light Blue.

The object of the Club shall be to play and enhance the game of Rugby Union Football.

2. Membership of Camp Hill RCL

2.1 Types of membership

The membership of the Club shall consist of -

The President;
preferably the Headmaster of King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys

Life Members
who shall be elected by the Club at an Annual General Meeting
in recognition of outstanding contribution or long service to the Club

Playing Members:
a male or female senior Player of the Club approved by the General Committee having paid the annual subscription

Vice-Presidents (VPs);
a non-playing male or female Member approved by the General Committee having made a VP donation

Associate Members;
Parents of a Mini and Junior player having paid the annual Mini and Junior playing subscription; to become a full Member of the Club an annual VPs donation must be paid and the membership approved by the General Committee.

Annual membership
Annual membership runs from 1st August to midnight on 31st July of the following year.

All subscriptions to be fixed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Any Member may resign by giving the Secretary notice in writing to that effect. No refund of subscription or any part thereof will be repaid.

All playing Members’ annual subscriptions to be paid by 1st November of each season, otherwise Members will not be eligible for selection in any team or entrance to the ground, except at the discretion of the Playing Affairs Committee and ratified by the General Committee.

If a standing order is in place by that date Membership will be valid.
The General Committee reserves the right to waive or discount the agreed annual subscriptions at its discretion.

2.3 Admission to the Club
All Members and Associate Members have the right of admission to the ground and pavilion on the occasion of all matches.
Members except those who are playing in matches are subject to general admission charges as determined by the General Committee.

2.4 Voting eligibility at General Meetings
All Members have the right of attendance at open and General Meetings of the Club. However, only the following members shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings of the Club
The President
Life Members
Playing Members
Vice-Presidents who
have been Playing Members, or
are currently or for at least one year have been, Members of the Committee, or
have completed three full years’ membership.

Governance of Camp Hill RCL

3.1 General Committee eligibility
Only the following members shall be entitled to serve on the General Committee
Life Members
Playing Members
Vice Presidents.

3.2 Profiting from Camp Hill RCL
No Member shall, except for professional services rendered at the request of the General Committee, on any pretence or in any manner, receive any
emolument from the funds
profit from transactions of the Club.

Any surplus of income over expenditure shall not be applied other than for the benefit of the Club as a whole, or for some charitable or benevolent purpose or purposes chosen by a resolution of a General Meeting.

3.3 General Committee
The Management of the affairs of the Club shall be vested in a General Committee made up as follows and elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Head of Finance
Head of Playing Affairs
Head of Facilities
Chief Operations Officer
Mini and Junior Chairman
Club Safeguarding Officer
One additional Member
five to form a quorum.

The General Committee shall direct and carry out the ordinary business of the Club, shall meet at least every five weeks and shall report to an open meeting as deemed necessary by the General Committee.

The General Committee shall have power to temporarily fill all vacancies in any of the offices, and may frame bye-laws to deal with matters that arise and shall have power to co-opt Members as the General Committee deem necessary, such co-opted Members having power to vote only on the matter for which they have been co-opted.

4 Sub Committees
The General Committee shall have the power to form Sub-Committees to deal with matters that arise. Such Sub-Committees shall in all cases report their recommendations to the General Committee for confirmation or otherwise.

In particular the General Committee shall form in every season, the following Sub-Committees and Sections as detailed below. Each Sub-Committee shall
be responsible for such matters as shall be delegated to it by the General Committee;
meet as often as necessary in order to carry out its functions and shall have power to co-opt additional Members as required.

4.1 The Sub-Committee for Playing Affairs
To represent all four sections of the Club; Senior Men’s Rugby, Ladies Rugby, Mini & Junior and Touch, in order to further the playing affairs goals of the entire Club, focussing upon recruitment, retention and development of the playing membership.

To consider and address the wider specific requirements of the playing affairs agenda, including

Player Registration
Kit supply (match day and leisure wear)
Ensuring GMS has an accurate record of all fixtures
Match and Referee Liaison
Pitch availability and usage
Physiotherapy and associated services
Playing Budget and expenditure
Tours and other social events that contribute towards the playing affairs goals of the Club.

4.2 The Sub-Committee for Finance (and Marketing)

prepare an annual budget and implement a system for budgetary control
monitor, review and control all expenditure
review the financial stability of the Club, implementing appropriate actions and constraints to maintain a positive cash flow
make policy recommendations in regard to all aspects of efficient and effective financial management of the Club
make policy recommendations in regard to all aspects of external funding available to the Club
manage and administer conditional funding and loans to the Club
manage any procurement processes
manage existing sponsors/advertiser relationships
source and approach new potential sponsors
manage all communication channels; including
Pitchero website
notice boards

4.3 The Sub-Committee for Facilities
manage the maintenance of the Clubhouse and Changing Facilities
manage the maintenance of the Car Park
manage the maintenance of the Pitches and Grounds
manage the signage and news boards; including
health and safety Notices
bar licence
insurance certificates
provide the coordination point for all major events; including
beer festival
bonfire night
Minis and Juniors Festival
engage the bar staff, kitchen staff and cleaners and provide them with clear work descriptions, hours of work, etc
manage any volunteer staff at major events.
In addition to the sub committees, the Club has four playing affairs sections whose remit is to support the Club’s playing affairs agenda
Ladies Rugby Section
Mini and Junior Section
Touch Rugby Section
Men’s Rugby Section.
General Meetings

A General Meeting of the Club shall be held in every year. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held not later than 31 July each year. A quorum at these meetings shall consist of not less than 25 members who are entitled to vote.
A notice of the AGM to be posted on the Club website not less than fourteen days before the AGM.

The following shall be transacted at the AGM to -
receive apologies for nonattendance
confirm the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
receive and, if so resolved, adopt the Report of the Committee for the season
receive and, if so resolved, adopt the Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts for the year ended
appoint Officers of the Company, officers of the Club, Life Members and/or Trustees as required
fix annual subscriptions and/or donations for the following year in accordance with the Membership of Camp Hill RCL.
propose any required changes to the Club Rules
appoint Honorary Auditors other than officers of the Club to audit the Accounts of Club funds.
deal with any other matter which the General Committee may desire to bring before voting members and to receive suggestions from the voting members for consideration by the General Committee
Camp Hill Rugby Club Ltd shall have voting power in the ratio of 2 to 1 on all Committees of Joint Athletic Sections, which may be run on the Ground of the Camp Hill Rugby Club. That this Rule be embodied in the Deeds of any ground purchased by the Club.

Membership conduct
NB: This rule shall apply to all Members, whether or not they are fully paid up.
The General Committee shall have the power, at the instigation of the Chairman, or the deputy if the Chairman is not available and at least two other Committee members, to immediately suspend, for such period as it sees fit, the membership of a Member or reprimand a Member.

This action can be taken for any infringement of these rules conduct whether on the Club’s premises or elsewhere which is, or has been, in the opinion of the General Committee prejudicial to the interests or image of the Club
injurious to its reputation or to the game.

The General Committee will deal with each incident in accordance with the Club Disciplinary Process published on the Club website and will follow best practice arising from RFU guidance.

Any Member whose membership is so terminated or suspended for a period of more than one year has the right of appeal in writing to the Secretary to be presented to a General Meeting of the Club after a period of suspension of one year has been served.

That the property funds and investments of the Club, except the balances held by the Treasurer on current and deposit accounts, be registered in the names of 14 Trustees who have been elected at an Annual General Meeting. Vacancies in the office of Trustee shall be filled at a General Meeting. A Trustee shall be deemed permanent unless removed from office by the Club at a General Meeting for any just cause whatever, when a new Trustee shall be immediately appointed to fill the vacancy

6.1 Eligibility
Elected Trustees must be one of the following
a Life Member, or
have held the position of
Treasurer, or
have been a Vice President for a minimum of 10 years.

In all cases a newly elected Trustee needs the approval of 75% of current Trustees present at a meeting to approve the election.

6.2 Trustee Responsibilities
Dispositions of the Club property registered in the names of the Trustees as required in the above shall be effected by Trustees if there is a majority at a meeting convened with a minimum of seven days notice where any such resolution is passed by a majority provided there is a quorum of at least seven Trustees. Their signatures will be sufficient to make such dispositions. On any such disposition the Chairman and Secretary of the Club will sign a certificate that the Trustees in question are properly elected and appointed.

The Trustees shall have no power to deal with any of the property funds or investments of the Club unless authorised by the Club and then only as the General Committee shall direct, but if in any case they consider that the directions of the Committee are improper they may refuse to so act unless and until approval is obtained at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting of the Club called in accordance – see Special General Meetings. The direction of the General Committee shall not be binding upon Trustees unless not less than 75% of those present and voting at the Meeting vote in favour of the General Committee’s direction.

The Trustees shall be entitled to be indemnified out of the assets of the Club against all personal liability in respect of any dealing with the property of the Club authorised by the General Committee and against any claim made against them in respect of the property of the Club and any act or omission of its members or servants or any other person using or occupying the property of the Club.

Club Finances
That authority shall be given to the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to make financial transactions jointly on behalf of the Club; any two of the signatures to be sufficient authority.

The General Committee shall have the power to appoint additional or alternative signatories as necessary in order to carry out the functions of the General Committee or any Sub-Committee or Section. Full details of all accounts held in the name of the Club to be submitted to the Treasurer as required.

Maintenance of Club Rules

The Club rules will be published and available on the Club website.
Alterations and additions to the Rules can be made only at an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting (see Special General Meetings).
Proposed rule changes must be either:

presented by the General Committee at the AGM or SGM, giving at least 21 days notice or
as a result of a notice of motion signed by six members to be given to the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the date of the Meeting
Club Rules may only be altered, rescinded or added to at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting by a majority of not less than 75% of those present and eligible to vote in favour of the change.

A draft of any proposed alterations to be communicated to Club Members via the Club website at least 21 days before the Meeting at which such motion is to be submitted.

9. Special General Meetings
A Special General Meeting can be called
by the General Committee
or upon written requisition of any 20 Members who are entitled to vote, at 7 days’ notice.
The requisition must state the business to come before the Special General meeting and only business so notified will be transacted at the Special General Meeting.
25 Members who are entitled to vote to form a quorum.

10. Club Licence
That the Club be authorised to trade in intoxicating liquors according to the Licenses applied for and granted.