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Sat 10
Birmingham Medics II
"Wazza" beats The Medics, while the rest top up their Tans!

"Wazza" beats The Medics, while the rest top up their Tans!

By Nick Freeman
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Report by "Baby" Moz

Camp Hill 2’s 24 – 19 Brum Medics 2

It was a difficult week this week getting players out with late responses and with the 1s nicking players due to unavailability in their ranks. It was then pleasing to see the maestro of U8 rugby donning his boots for the first time since he pulled a rather
large fat playing for the old boys against the 2s back in October.

Unfortunately due to mutiny in the U8 ranks where they seem to have lost the changing room Ali deemed himself unavailable so that he could prepare himself for the Sunday morning make or break match. So Warren turned up on time unlike most of the rest of the team and propelled our numbers to 16. I then yanked 3 of the colts who were sat in the club
drinking out to warm up and put some kit on so our numbers flourished to 19.

The Medics turned up looking rather young compared to our experienced back line who during the warm up seemed to struggle to pass it to each other but Warren kept everybody positive saying it would all come good during the game. The game kicked off in blazing sunshine, just what our aging backline wanted. Thommo voted himself sub and then spent the rest of the afternoon sat on his arse getting a massage off Nicki.

Surprisingly enough he says he is fine for this weeks game. We started like most weeks knocking the ball on giving the Medics quite good ball deep in our half. They ran the ball left and right and bridged over every ruck for the first 20 minutes which I and the packed whinged about to the ref but he who hath whistle apparently knows
best. The Medics opened the scoring when their outside centre bounced off a few of our efforts to tit slap him and stretched over. From the kick off we went straight back down and responded with the first of a number of easy penalties.

Having taken the lead we then scored our first try through the backs when Warren took the ball flat and fed the ball to me at outside centre. It was like parting of the waves as I surprisingly outstripped their backs to just score in the corner. I just about got the ball out from under my moob before the fullback wiped me out in the corner.
I think I missed the conversion as I was doing my Jan Huntelaar impression and was trying to pick the grass and mud out of my mouth from the fullbacks hit. Warren was causing havoc in their backs as they were not expecting the searing pace from the umpa lumpa at 10. They kept showing him the space and he kept taking it!

At half time we talked about kicking to the corner and playing sensible rugby, I think Warren must have missed that bit as every call was to run the ball. Warren’s one kick of the game showed why he wanted to run everything as he spooned the ball at least 50 yards to the right, shame it made 2 yards forward! When Warren did pass we managed to play down in the Medics half. Our back row of Beggers, Ferdy and Rob Hunt were ruining most breakdowns and stealing ball for fun against their younger
opponents. The scrum was a rather bizarre affair as we shoved them all over the place

in the first half and then struggled when they changed their hooker. Boiler was even heard to say: “he is stuffing the s**t out of me Moz”. Don’t tell Boiler but we don’t have a hooker for this week either so let’s hope his neck is better.

Our second try came from another break from Warren under their posts. He fed the ball onto Boiler from about 2 yards out who then preceded to play hot potato with it before he eventually put it down. Conversion was kicked and we had a nice lead, don’t remember what it was but it was about 10 points. Feeling nice we let the Medics straight back in when a kick for touch was returned the full length of the pitch before
they dotted down under our posts to bring themselves back into the game. Fair play to our boys we responded straight away when Will missed Warren at 10 to find me at 12 to drop a goal. It wasn’t pretty but it proved vital as it cost me a jug. The Medics scored the final try of the match when their 8 ran over Warren to score near to the
posts but the game was up.

Team for the day:

Braggy: Mr consistent, eg hungover every Saturday when we play!!!
Boiler: A broken man by the end of the game
Flembo: What have we told you about kicking the ball…
Pensom: Forgot he played last week. Might do something this week!!
Floydy: Carried well and outplayed his Welsh partner
Beggers: Bullied their back row, unavailable again!!!
Ferdy: Got a slight touch on around so many potential Doctors
Hunt: Feined a back injury to catch his breath, threw in well and made a nuisance of himself around the pitch
Will: I should have helped him when he ran from back of scrum sideways!!! Bet he doesn’t do it this week!
Woz: Mercurial and the U8’s won Sunday so good weekend!!!
Jim Peet: Put an awesome first tackle in as he dived at his winger head first
Patch: Ran well and tackled better.
Moz: Mouthy, argumentative, same old and not even the second oldest back. Jug for full house!
Clarkey: Not as angry this week as previous weeks but still should have scored when he dropped it, well spotted Sir!!
Cooky: Turning into me and clarkey, Mr angry and argumentative. Positioned himself well.
Thommo: Sunbathed and massaged better for this week.
Alex: ran and tackled well
Hassan: fitted nicely into back row
Tom Dowling: Not available Sundays due to drama!! What has the world come to!!

Well played gentlemen. Home again this week, please note earlier kick off time (2.15) due to England game after. Please remember your £30 for Leicester if you haven’t already paid. Also still a few tickets left for end of season dinner, would be good to see a few more 2nd team boys their so get your money (£30) to Ruffy or Nick.

Cheers fellas, same again next week.


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Sat 10, Mar 2012