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Sat 29
Aston OE
3's notch up Win against AOE

3's notch up Win against AOE

By Nick Freeman
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Report by "Floydy" The Elder (and heavier!)

I sit here writing my first ever report, and wonder why I am doing what I have done for years!

Before I start the 3rd team report, I wish to have a few moments about player commitments, the people who try to arrange fixtures need your responses, please do not say yes if you are more than likely to not attend, on Saturday we had 13 players at one point, due to the cry offs from the teams above, the 3rd team is the team that feels the issues, please think about this when crying off for one reason or another.

Right to the report, I arrived on Saturday and looked around, no Bloxy, Richard Hudson, Russ Baker etc, in fact I only really recognised round half a dozen players, and as a team I was worried, we counted 13 players and rang around for a few more, well in the end we got 16 players, most have never seen or know anybody, so heaven knew what was to come.

Aston as usual were big forwards and come with one thing on their mind, we all got together decided who was playing where and finally kicked off, 5 minutes in and after some good back play we were finally and surprisingly on the score sheet, try was converted 7-0. I think we all looked shocked but were encouraged by what had happened, the scores continued to trade with both sides trying and sometimes playing good rugby, and at half time the score was 13-18 to Aston, at half time although I say it with a open mind, the game changed with the introduction of (Dillon), scrum half, his quickness which we are not used to in the 3rd team, made the backs play a lot easier, and we were going forward with confidence, and looking like a team, tries started to come, and even the odd penalty and conversion was kicked , we started to believed we could win the game, it was neck and neck until the last couple of minutes were we ran from our own half and scored under the posts, making the score 33-25 and it was our 1st win for camp hill 3s.

I would like to thank all those who played it was a good mixture of youth, brains, weight, and some pace, which in the end created a good game of rugby, not only for the players, but also the people watching,
ight to the rewards
Congratulation the following:-

Andrew Creswell (nothing like his Dad) 4 tries and a jug of beer!
Andy Cox 1 try
Iain Mc Connell 2 penalties and 1 conversation, (keep practicing)

1. A. Melhush
2, Steve Johnson,
3, Dave the chef
4, Gary Owen
5, Richard Carter
6, Andy Cox
7, Dave Mariarti
8, Floyd Carter
9, Iain mc Connell
10 Andrew Creswell
11 Steve Ulliott
12 Kieran
13 Ben (sorry no surname)
14 Josh Shepherd
15 Dave (young lad.)
16 Dillon

Man of the match, 2 excellent performances, but Dave Mariarti stood out for his efforts. In attack as well as defence.

Craps hands has to go to me, passed a move to their scrum half and missed the big no8 when he scored, (useless)

I like many others do not take credit, I am lucky to have a big mouth, people listen, and sometimes it works, in the end it was all worthwhile, and we can all look forward to next week.

Thank you and good night

Please feel free to take the piss I am used to it.

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Sat 29, Sep 2012