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Sat 17
Old Salts
New star reporter - 3rd XV winger 'Elvis' writes.....

New star reporter - 3rd XV winger 'Elvis' writes.....

By simon bloxham
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Quite good at this, Elvis...

Camp Hill 3's bring rugby 10's to the world!!!

Having never written a match report before, I shall endevor not to waffle on too long; leaving that up to Bloxy of a Saturday afternoon seems a much better idea!

Yet again this season, Saturday afternoon began with much promise. One by one, Camp Hill 3's began to arrive to fight it out for space in what can only be described as the smallest changing room in the world: in retrospect, most rooms feel small when they are already occupied by Floydy and Richard. Anyway, I digress..............

As I was saying, much promise. On the arrival of the ever vocal Simon Bloxham, we were informed that, indeed, we could field a full team yet again. This caused great excitement which was only slightly dampened with the arrival of the kitbag. As I have previously alluded to, some of my fellow 3rd teamers are larger than the average bear, so you can imagine the looks on various faces when the 2nd teams kit was unveiled before them. Comments the likes of 'is it supposed to fit where it touches' and 'is this the girl's kit' were bandied about. After a brief scuffle for the only xxxl shirt, things returned to normal.

Unfortunately, things were soon to take a turn for the worst. Following a summons by the ref, and a brief conversation outside, Bloxy returned to inform the dressing room that Salts could only field five players. In typical fashion, a vote was taken whether to play a little game for an hour, or go and get pissed. After much umming and ahhing, the game of rugby 10's was born.

The rules of this exciting new version of Rugby football are as follows: 1; give a third of your players to the opposition 2; try and kill each other for an hour. Good times!

With not as much whinging as you would imagine, both teams took to the field (a mini rugby pitch) with comments of how much killing and maiming were to be done. The verbals were mostly confined to Floydy and Rich, both adamant that they would be on opposite teams and would be running each other over all afternoon.

And with that, kick-off was upon us. After a brief passage of less than memorable rugby, Andy 'Cavesy' Caves decided that the afternoon would be greatly improved for everyone if he scored a try. Excellent! Then he scored another one. This set the tone for the majority of the game. In fact, you could possibly describe it as 'The Cavesy Show'. He actually seemed to be attempting to play every position on the field at one point; spending a large amount of the second half on the wing.

That said, he was surrounded by a great supporting cast. The second half was punctuated by Bloxy yelling at everyone not to let them off the hook (I don't think anyone had the heart to remind him half their players were from Camp Hill), and one memorable moment when Jack Flembo attempted to 'tip-toe' round Floydy. Noone ever knew Jack had such a step on him!! Various people scored in the second half once Cavesy had decided to let them touch the ball, however, I think that Saturday afternoon was less about the actual rugby played and more to do with the spirit of what Camp Hill 3's rugby is all about. We could have gone and watched England get beat by Australia, but we helped out Salts and got a game of rugby on the go. Nice work everyone involved!!

With that, I going to shut the hell up.

On a side note; what about those effing flies!!!

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Sat 17, Nov 2012