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Sat 05
Aston OE
3rd's "sortie" to AOE

3rd's "sortie" to AOE

By Nick Freeman
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Report from "Karate Kid"

Hmmmm, not played for 9 months having lost out on a tug of war between torso and arm at the end of season vets tournament… the winning prize? A trip to Heartlands, free Ketamine, and 9 months of recuperation. Sympathy received? Beans! First game back and you get stitched up with the match report!

Unfortunately I don’t have a team sheet; I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to the first 50 minutes of the game, and was too busy worrying about a repeat trip to Heartlands for the last 30 to consider what anyone else was doing…. So in terms of rugby content this is clearly going to come up short. Alternatives? Make up some nonsense… or rip the pi**! Due to the nature of the cast the latter sounds like the better option……

First of all, I must compliment Bloxy on never missing an opportunity… Not on the pitch of course!

I’d suggested a few weeks back that a comeback was on the cards, I’d stand on the wing, catch the ball, and run in the tries…. Somewhat confused Bloxy conceded that he thought they’d only relocated my shoulder, not sewn on a new pair of hands!! As usual Bloxy was late and then spent 15 minutes applying his make up before showing up on the sideline. Now, a comment for Aston here, next time you entertain us pleeeeease don’t stick us in the creepy house of horrors! Put us in the
new wing, its warmer and there are mirrors, so it would only have taken Bloxy 5 minutes in there!

The 15 consisted of (from my perspective) old timers, new faces, and schoolboys. Family Fleming made up about 70% of the pack weight and Steve Johnson 100% of the gob! Uncle Ellis had a broken finger, shame he didn’t swap places with Jack, and then he could have stabilised it by Shoving it in Jack’s ass (After all he’ll probably need to get used to that feeling on the forthcoming tour based on the post match banter!).

All the schoolies looked fit, lacking in fat, and up for the match… helpful really seeing as the AOE’s backs looked like they’d been gorging on protein for longer than the schoolies had been weaned off
breast feeding!

The Rugby…. A very good and even contest. The forward battle was 50/50 despite it looking like AOE had the edge in size/experience, a great job done by Camps. Our backs definitely had the edge in pace, but AOE had the benefit of an experienced and wily brain at 10 to thwart our efforts on numerous occasions (Actually, I was watching more than my earlier ramblings suggest). Having said that we didn’t exactly have bad options at 10, all a lot slimmer than Kimbo!!!

For us, tries for Tom ‘The reformed drinker’ Hackney and Steve ‘The gobby, short, fat ginger, etc…’ Johnson made a real fist of the game (We love you really Steve!). On balance they probably just about deserved the win, although a very edgy call from the ref denied Elvis (The wild man of Borneo) a try which at the time would have really put them under pressure. In fairness the ref had a number of edgy calls, but in even distribution of both sides. Both sides (and supporters) were getting a bit frustrated with some of the calls so my main contribution to the game was well received, by flattening him when clearing out one of the AOE boys from the ruck! Despite the banter we do
appreciate the guys that come and stand in the middle every week, not an easy job.

As always a couple of niggles, Lewis said he’d been fingered up the nostril, or was that prodded in the eye? Bloxy complained that the ref was of questionable sanity, and Ginger wanted to maul the protein boys (poor lads!).

At the whistle the AOE boys were clearly over the moon with the win. Hopefully the will have appreciated the performance of the opposition, and as always they were a very sporting bunch once the whistle has gone. Personally I think AOE III’s are the two best fixtures of the season, competitive, edgy, but always enjoyed by all involved.

So, many thanks to the schoolies for boosting the numbers and making a great impact on the game. We’ll all look forward to seeing you next week!

The lack of a team sheet means few mentions so as to avoid offending anyone. To quote Bloxy it was one of those games where despite the loss it felt like a win, so I’d say a great performance by all against a darned good AOE III’s.

Harborne II’s at home on Saturday, guaranteed to be another competitive game, so hopefully everyone has replied to the txt and said YES!

Great to be back and enjoying the Camp Hill spirit, sorry if I’m a bit rusty on the match reporting, I’m sure it’ll get better! See you next week.


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Sat 05, Jan 2013