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Sat 12
Harborne 2XV
"Virgin" reporter gives his views of "W" against Harborne 2XV

"Virgin" reporter gives his views of "W" against Harborne 2XV

By Nick Freeman
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Report by Ciaran

Through the eyes of a centre!

1300 hours meet at camp….erm…. no one in changing room, well what do you expect they are at the bar …..1330 changing room, lots of faces old and new and already the 3rd team friendly banter, 22 finely tune athletes…, and just 7 pegs!!. They say superman can get changed in a phone box, well I say good for bloody him. The first face I met as I push my way in to the room was Flembo did I say face? I mean arse. This was my first run out with the 3s this season since being demoted to the 2s and I’m glad to see nothing has changed, I have missed the 3rd team spirit.

Anyway this is a match report on to the match, the non existence warm up and Bloxy turning up just before kick off because he has spent 45 mins tapping himself together.

We get ready for kick off with a female ref going up hill on the lower pitch. Normally the first 15 mins of every 3rd team game goes badly but today things had changed. Was it the fact we were showing off to the lady ref sir or was it the flash backs from the last game against Harborne 2s… either way we were in the with a early try. After that it went to proper 3rd team rugby all over the place running/walking in different direction, so we were down by the second half .

With Harborne scoring just before half time we stand there looking at the grass, holding a shirt in our left and right hands during our huddle and team talk by Bloxy, who for some reason is obsessed with Sainsbury, Flembo taking charge and telling us to sort our act out… you can’t take the copper out of the rugby player and Russ at the end giving us the team spirit back.

2nd half and we were back on form we had the wind and gravity on our side, pulling it together it was the 3rd team at last the big and short, the fat and slim the old and young and the hairy and bold. Rich the last one applies to you how…. is it possible you have both mate?
Horborne didn’t stand a chance there score stayed at 19 while ours grew to 29 unfortunately we had two disallowed tries by Bloxy and I, but we finished on top, so well done gents it was a pleasure playing with you all and of course smashing it.

Shout outs :-

Yan and Andy Cresswell for scoring,
Ian for the penalty and conversion,
Elvis for his ducking and diving,
Forest doing the herd-alls,
Jimbob great effort mate please keep up the appearances,
And to everyone that knuckled down and gave it their all


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Sat 12, Jan 2013