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Sat 02
Yardley & District 2XV
Another Virgin Reporter "pops his 3XV Cherry"

Another Virgin Reporter "pops his 3XV Cherry"

By Nick Freeman
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Report bt "The Ginger Ninja!

As this will be my first attempt I'll start by apologising if I miss anything or anyone out..

As the norm for chrfc 3s it started by watching bloxy use 5 rolls of tape joining every part of he's body together!, big jack explaining to everyone who wants to listen to him how many times he's pleasured himself (sorry flembo but it explains the ginger in him), little and large floydy clan hogging 50% of the changing room, the newbies to the 3s Luke and "Nige" being as quiet as possible and not pretending to laugh at the amount of times jack has JACKING OFF TIME!. You had all the others doing their own little pre game rituals as well as our special guest Steve Leachy being asked every possible gay question imaginable from karate! Ohh freindsssssssss.

Any way to the warm up.... Glad that bits over...

As what seems to be normal with the 3s we gave them a try in the first 5 minutes of play mainly down to the fact we use that time to warm up the ref by moaning at whatever bloxy can think off.

When WERE READY we started and replied by a try by Creswell great bit of skill and energy to burst through the middle to score and converted by Ciaran. That was it as far as conversions 1/6 is a great effort. (if you’ve got 2 left feet)

The game was alive with great solo performances from everyone. The scrum was our platform well it should have been but we carried on shipping the ball out and credit to the backs they performed but as per usual the forwards fitness was our downfall apart from Floydy senior who seemed to be everywhere.

Then a line out in there corner produced a bit of master class of catch and drive a great ball in caught of the top by shep junior and fed to the back, then drove by a controlled pack. Then out of the mess popped up me!! Stevie 'G' as I'm now to be called and all that was left was to roll the massive 2nd rower and goose step the winger and fall over swan diving the second try in. (did I mention I got a TRY)

They replied by scoring? Sorry us giving them another try by not retreating 10 which nearly ended up being our downfall as we decided we were refereeing the game not the actual ref which in his defence had fantastic game and considering he's an old boy was very open.

Lucky for us the forwards were winning their battle up front and forced turnovers with the help of some clever back movements, and a line out on their 5 produced our 3rd try and a pinpoint line out found our jumper Steve Ulliot at 4 (it was there line out) and again we were just too strong for them and the try scorer was Dave the chef ( got you mentioned mate valentines diner for me and the wife's!!!)

Another solo try off Creswell just before the whistle should have set us up for an easier game but only time would tell.

2nd half

Straight from the kick off which was short we took a scrum which resulted in our celeb score a fantastic solo effort from inside our half but as per the norm we let them in and our reluctance to retreat 10 was our own downfall I honestly feel our fitness was a lot more to do with it at this stage we all struggled to keep up with their quick taps but that was there plan which we duly obliged.

With the intro of rich Hudson in the front row steadied the ship, at half time we said to keep the ball around the pack and wait for the right time as were all not as fit as we use to be. They also brought on some fresh legs which we failed to keep an eye on as there try which levelled the game at this stage was what they deserved.

As the game went on Yards done the usual when they don't get there way and tried to start a few fights and you readers of these reports will find this hard to believe but me! Stevie G was accused of STAMPING! As if I would do a thing like that..

There was at the most 10 mins remaining when we had a scrum on their 5, which at this time we were walking them back with ease but to the packs shock bloxy slung the ball out and Ciaran decided he wanted to knock it forward. Muppet

The forwards were well up for the last scrum and me and Hudson shuffled about so I could get my leg in and win the put in some good quick hands in the backs ending with little Nige running over in the corner he did well as there was a lot to do.

A very good team effort ended with a great team talk of captain Russ and the feeling around the group is positive and it will only get better if we all make ourselves available or at least letting Pete Shep know ASAP your available or NOT.

Well there it is my first effort all criticism will be ignored

As flembo does on he's reports there are a few awards I'd like to give:

Moaner of the match! Bloxy
I've forgot my name! Elvis
My energiser bunny! Floydy senior welcome back again
Best try other than mine! Little Nige
Best first half! Creswell
Best second half? THE PACK.


Stevie 'G' Johnson.

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