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Sat 05
Birmingham Barbarians
Urinal Blocks and an awesome day for the Camps

Urinal Blocks and an awesome day for the Camps

By Nick Freeman
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Match Report from "Cradders"

Result: Camps Win 60-27

Try Scorers: Chris Cole 3, Hal Smart 2, Russell Baker 1, George Drabble 1, Patrick Clark 1, Dan Craddock 1, Rob Brailsford 1

Conversions: Matt Perrigo 5

First of all Iwould just like to say how happy I am that the rugby season has kicked off again, Saturdays finally have some meaning.

It was a cracking day for the camps on the first weekend of the season with all 3 senior men's teams putting up big W's on the board which definitely gives us a huge stepping stone for the rest of the season. Lets make sure we use this now to go out and carry our momentum forward.

This week the 3's were away to Birmingham Barbarians, it proved to be a cracking result for us as a team which will give us the confidence to go on to big an better things this season, the usual journey consisted of the typical 3's banter, alot of touchy feely and the general consensus of lets enjoy our rugby. The usual sing along in the car was of course obligatory, seeing Russ Baker sing along to Whitney Houston is a good way to start your day. On arrival to Barbarians, we were greeted by our new 3rd team manager John Perrigo who in his early arrival had set up the changing room with shirts and filled water bottles, I for one and on behalf of the team would like to thank Perrigo for stepping up to Manage us, it is much appreciated John and gives us the right way to start a game.

Once changed and out on the pitch, the standard touch to get our legs going was on, we quickly moved onto forwards and backs work, at this point a certain Alex Weir has to take a moment to vomit, this in turn resulted in Perrigo asking if Alex is ok to which Alex replied i don't think so i ate a urinal block for twenty quid last night, so the first hospital trip this season was not due to an injury on the pitch and has also earned Alex the new name of Harpic

From this point Hal Smart came in to play at 9 for the game and he had a cracking game as did all the lads, we started of slow as per but woke up after 20 minutes and going 3 try's down, but the attitude, resolve and determination of the boys put us 2 try's up on the half time whistle. Going into the second half Camps dominated scoring successive try's with no real response from Barbarians. Final whistle resulted in a big camps win and a lot of boys who had definitely earned their scram and a few beers. Barbarians were very welcoming and i wish them the best for the rest of the season.

A few accolades to give out this week starting with Squealer of the week which has a hundred per cent got to be Alex for going to hospital with suspected Poisoning because of consumption of a urinal block, we wish you all the best mate and hope your not ill and also we hope you haven't picked up any STD'S from the block

Tackle of the week definitely goes to Tom Morris for an awesome try saving tackle which resulted in a turn over on our try line, well done Tom god only knows how you managed that you long legged git.

Worst hands of the week has got to go to Hackney you doughnut, who decided to be a turn coat and go help Barbarians out but then was clean through on the wing and decided to just let go off the ball(oh dear) Best hands of the week goes to Adam Shuttleworth for not actually dropping anything ,Shock Horror.

Try of the week goes to i cant believe im saying this but Russell Baker with a 50-60 yard try which resulted in him side stepping about 4 people and using whatever was left in his gas tank, Russell still reckons he ran from dead ball zone, ye ye if you say so mate, im still in shock from him sidestepping not just one person but 4.

So all in all a good week for Camps Rugby and a brilliant week for English rugby beating the Irish :), we showed what the 3's are made of and have given ourselves a level to reach every week now, Thanks again John Perrigo for being awesome your definitely our new good luck charm and i hoped you and the boys rocked the Kasbah ;)


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Sat 05, Sep 2015