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Player Profile - Dave Lovell

Player Profile - Dave Lovell

By Paul Moore
5 November 2015
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Who ? If I shout Shovel or Army Dave! Front and Centre ! You would know who I was on about .Back & Second Row performer of the highest echelons

Name: Dave Lovell

Age: 35

Position: ha. Would love to say back row but loving second row at the min

Previous clubs: Wheaton Aston and Penkridge. Loads of army units...

How old were you when you started playing: 24

Hobbies outside of Rugby: all things with my lad.

Favourite food & drink: Ribs, John Smiths, Gin

What do you like most about match days: The chase and making that first hit off an eel or bullets boot.. Not quite mastered but its coming

Favourite memory/moment to date: scoring my first try I think for the 1st team against greyhound last year first game for the firsts although it was a big score 75-0 the unity in that team that day secured why I wanted to play lions rugby.

Worst memory/moment to date: getting a yellow for lack of discipline... (Me)


Most skilful: Frosty/hop along Obi/ Jordan Pincombe.. All have great vision..

Most committed: Capt soccer.

Hardest to tackle: has to go Brad hunts for everything no matter how scrappy.

Biggest hitter: sonny. SPLAT!!!

Biggest moaner: Through frustration Eel.

Hardest: Not too sure but.... Bastard John

Best player you have played with: can't put this on an individual but as a team... Supporting each other is getting better in play, I have yet to feel I have no support when carrying the ball.

And finally.... Who's the longest in the shower.... Eel is the longest.......... Not that I'm looking........

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