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Player Profile - Jamie Fullelove

Player Profile - Jamie Fullelove

By Paul Moore
16 October 2015
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As you can see from his profile photo, he's loves a cockatoo. Nevertheless a devastating open space runner and wannabee Iranian International .....

Jamie Fullelove
Age: 30
Positions: Back row / A & E
Cubs: Cannock for life
When did you start: 25 when started which is kinda good as i wouldnt be able to walk if it was any earlier.
Favourite things apart from Rugby: Motorbikes and all day lash ups (but not together of course)
Favourite Food:Any food that is given to me ready to eat.
Match Days: Best thing about match days is putting to practice all the ways to improve that have been running through my head all the previous week after the last game.
Favourite Rugby Memory: I have many fave memories oncluding the 50 metre Owen Cup final juggle, the first Xmas lash up and some tight fitting leather thongs on tour.
Worst Rugby Memory: Worst memory may have be taking 5 blokes on side stepping the full back sprinting the pitch only to knock on when i got over the try line.

Most skilful - i have to admire Frostys knowledge of the game and how he plays it.

Most committed - i would have to say my good Brownhills friend Carl Palmer. Hes got the biggest heart for our club. If you cut him in half it would say Cannock RUFC.

Hardest to tackle - Lump, its like trying to stop my van rolling when ive left my handbrake off.

Hardest Hitter - i remember when Al Graham and Bosh went in for a 50/50 at training. Need i say more?

Biggest Moaner - bullet without a doubt, only on match days though, he reckons its to put the other team off but i feel like slapping him hahaha

Hardest - remember that Al Graham and Bosh tackle i was on about....i cried i was that scared.

Best player - probably Bri Yates. That geezer had some moves.

Longest - Eel, he could go to a fancy dress party as a petrol pump.

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