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Player Profile - John JTB Shirley

Player Profile - John JTB Shirley

By Paul Moore
2 October 2015
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Bad to bone and nasty to the core ....

Name: john jtb Shirley

Age: you can whistle for that , cut me and count the rings if you really want to know

Position: hooker

Previous clubs: quite a few but back at cannock where I started

How old were you when you started playing: 11

Hobbies outside of Rugby: shooting at things sharpening things and sneaking up on things!

Favourite food & drink: fillet steak and jack daniels

What do you like most about match days: matches duuur!

Favourite memory/moment to date: returning back to the front row after being told it was a non starter

Worst memory/moment to date: broken cheek 2 weeks before owen cup final and not knowing if I would be able to play.


Most skilful: soccer jon , he overcomes lack of natural ability and gingerness with sheer bloody minded determination and hard work , plus it must be hard hanging on the back of that scrum. Sorry skip

Most committed: he takes some stick but dorian gives his all

Hardest to tackle:jordan , eel or jukes unless they run into me by accident they move to quick. Timmy is not a normal shape to tackle at the speed he runs

Biggest hitter: sonny has mastered the ooo that hurt flying tackle and brad has one of the best text book take you at the knees
Jukesy can chuck a punch though for a little fella

Biggest moaner: leesy of old eel of new

Hardest: trowie has mended the unrepairable on himself countless times and kept on but still hats off to the jack Russell bobby ball who has never backed out of a row even though every one is bigger than him.

Best player you have played with: there have been numerous great players but when skippering the 2s mart harley was my safety net , never missed a tackle and always cleared his lines at full back and the bonus of kicking penalties from anywhere on the pitch was priceless

And finally.... Who's the longest in the shower:
If you mean time me , it takes 2 hours to get the bloody tape off!

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