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Player Profile - Mike Forrester

Player Profile - Mike Forrester

By Paul Moore
13 November 2015
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Club Stalwart and all round rock on the pitch, only his wife calls him Magic though.....

Name: Mike Forrester aka motorbike mike

Age: 34

Position: loosehead or lock

Previous clubs: only Cannock baby

How old were you when you started playing: 12 ish??

Hobbies outside of Rugby: shooting gangsters on the pc, and being a dad/husband.

Favourite food & drink: hmmmm Pizza and Guinness, not always at the same time!

What do you like most about match days: the buzz as we get ready to go out on the pitch. Nothing like it.

Favourite memory/moment to date: standing on the pitch as the ref blew the whistle, knowing we had just been promoted.

Worst memory/moment to date: loved every minute, body is about worn out though! So every sunday morning to be fair.


Most skilful: Pincombe - that boy has some silky moves.

Most committed: soccer - as a skipper he is always there. As a mate he's still there when you need him

Hardest to tackle: Joe Brookes - man’s made of iron ffs

Biggest hitter: Sonny BOOM

Biggest moaner: Eel, your right the ball should come out!! But you still moan

Hardest: Dorian - never quits.

Best player you have played with: Gav Barret. Old school captain. The man was a machine

And finally.... Who's the longest in the shower: the boot cleaner gang! You know who you are.

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