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Sat 18
1st XV
Cannock Lions show pure strength against Eccleshall.

Cannock Lions show pure strength against Eccleshall.

By Paul Moore
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Cannock Lions dominate.

Cannock taking the kick off, which unfortunately went straight out. Eccleshall give Cannock the opportunity to show their pack strength early. Eccleshall keep possession the pressure from the Cannock defence forces them back into their half. A scrum is given to the opposition, the pack high in confidence from the first scrum forces Eccleshall back, turn over scrum, walked over the line John ‘Soccer’ Freeman opens the scoring


Eccleshall kick back to Cannock, Craig ‘Lump’ Richards catches with the support of his beard. On his shoulder, Stephen Frost offers his support and takes the ball far into their half. He passes to the returning Skipper Gareth Ley who gives the ball to Josh Humphreys who then ships it to the wing for Conor to take Cannock closer to the red zone. Eccleshall Managed to grab Conor, who wasn’t ready to walk back without scoring, popped back inside to Scott ‘Eel’ Pedley who dotted down over the line.


Eccleshall kick gives Cannock a moment of de ja vu as the ball heads towards Lump, their winger having none of it Lump down. The opposition put the pressure on and force their way deep into Cannock’s half. Cannock defends their try line well with big tackles from Ley and frosty. The referee has seen something he does not like and sends Frosty off, yellow card. Possession regained Cannock push forward with strong carries and great work rate from James cummins and Jay Barrett at the break down allows quick ball to Joe ‘Spartan’ Brookes who explodes through the gap and finds the try line.


Using excellent phase play Cannock take the kick off ball straight back into their half. The ball finds itself in the hands of Andy Lawson, who successfully gets the ball out to Larry Adeyanju, for a thunderous run from the half way line putting the ball down in the corner.


Ready again to receive the kick off, Eccleshall try something different to challenge, and put the pressure on the backs with a funny kick. Playing from left to right Eccleshall want that try before half time, a daring run sees Conor take down their winger. Referee calls high tackle another yellow card. After the penalty Cannock get possession back from the Eccleshall lineout, no time to hang around, Cannock are back in their half. Daniel ‘tank’ Blake receives the pass and begins his hunt for his first team try. No try, but Eccleshall give Cannock and penalty (Josh Humphreys) to close the half


No slowing down, Matthew Viggo shows us how to run PROPerly, running the length of the pitch for the first try of the half. Great way to open the 2nd half.


Ball is handled well through the backs and a
Strong Carrie from scott Pedley saw Cannock quickly back into the visitors half, forwards playing great attacking rugby and break the defensive line. Ley recycles the ball quickly to Halil Gozukucuk who powers through under the posts


Cannock receives the ball and phase play begins, forwards carry well and manage to brake through with excellent support play between Brad Stanaway and Joe ‘Spartan’ Brookes, try scored.


Refocused, the ball is caught and secured, ball is passed out to the Andy, who finds Eel, they have their chance, taking full advantage of this the Conor (on the wing) nearly finds himself getting a of his own try, well defended by Eccleshall. Cannock reset with the ball making its way through a massive Cannock attacking line, penalty given away by the defence. No time to wait around Halil Gozukucuk has seen another opportunity and quick tapped, firing himself over the try line


Half century reached let’s keep it nil, Cannock receive the ball comfortably, ball is passed from Soccer to James Cummins who is taken down. Ball secure, passed out to the backs, Larry goes for a swatting away the defence. Ley ships the ball out, little
nudge from Lawson but Eccleshall obtain the ball but are quickly turned over, John ‘Soccer’ Freeman picks up the spilled ball and makes his way to try number two


Repeating what had been done for the majority of the game, Cannock force their way into the other half. Eccleshall mainting composure, waiting for their moment to strike, they are rewarded for their patience with a superb run down the wing they score past the jinxed Cannock defence


Scott Lathe working hard to get the backs more involved begin their phases, the ball is shipped well through the hands. Josh Humphreys has the ball, Connor on his left supporting, and five Eccleshall defenders closing in on him. A situation where anyone else would have passed, the defence would concur. Hulk mode on Josh boshes his way through the defenders and paces his way towards the posts


Just as you think the game would start coming to a close, the last couple of minutes were very intense, Eccleshall were there for an eighty minute match. Cannock have the ball one phase played Joe has the ball from the back of a ruck, on his feet, he goes for walk with the defence. Turning to present the ball for a maul, he spots Brad running full pace, pops the ball to him. Not sure how to this immense pace, the defence let Brad find the try line


Catching the ball Joe is quickly closed down by a rush defence, ruck secured Cannock begin their final play, two phases done and it ready to send to the wing. Ball is spilt and Eccleshall quickly recycle getting the ball to its desired destination, just in the wrong hand. Good switch play leave the Eccleshall centre running at captain Ley, who defends the try line well, the centre slips down and contact with the head is made. Referee has seen this as enough to rewards a penalty try to the visitors.

Final score.


Man of the match went to Joe Brookes for his darting runs and outstanding work rate.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, Wakelake, NMB, DGL

Training continues on Thursday at the Morgan ground. Great numbers again last week, let's keep the momentum going gents.

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