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Sat 11
1st XV
Another Narrow Defeat for Cannock

Another Narrow Defeat for Cannock

By Paul Moore
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Cannock narrowly miss out on the win, but pull back a bonus point!

The sun was shining on the Morgan ground and the pitch was in impeccable condition, today was a perfect day for a great game of rugby – and that it was! There were many spectators from both teams and the support was felt.
Earlier on in the season, Handsworth beat Cannock 39-22 so revenge was in order and as Handsworth had lost their last two games to Uttoxexter and Burntwood then Cannock felt this was possible.

Handsworth had the kick-off and were playing downhill first half, from the off they came out fighting and showed that it was going to be a tough game for all 15 Cannock players. Cannock conceded first of the back of a scrum, Handsworth spread the ball from 9 to their 13 who bounced of tackles and got the try, and also managed to take Connors tooth with him. Conversion missed Cannock

0 – 5 Handsworth.

From this Cannock came back with a vengeance and played some tremendous rugby in the middle of the park, great runs and support plays from all created a Handsworth foul and our penalty. Craig MacDougallkicked for the corner and made fantastic ground to set up a platform for the maul, as the line out was being set up Obi made it clear that the maul was the plan and as soon as he hit Alex and MacDougall must aid in the push for the line. Cannock pushed Handsworth back from the ten onto the five and then the try line was in sight between the many legs pushing, Obi dives for the line and gets the try. Conversion missed

Cannock 5 – 5 Handsworth.

Handsworth kick from the middle of the park to the pack, Frosty caught and returns with a big run, again Cannock support well and many big runs come in from Joe Brookes and Baughy. Unfortunately possession was turned over and Handsworth started there push for ground, many big hits were made and there big runners were stopped, Handsworth squeeze through a gap and touch the ball down. Conversion kicked

Cannock 5 – 12 Handsworth.

Cannock restart and straight away Handsworth came at us, Cannock were doing well at the break down and wasn’t giving away anything, after a few big plays from either side Baughy makes a breakthrough and scores the second try for Cannock. Conversion kicked

Cannock 12 – 12 Handsworth.

The game was going from one end to the other and it was as close as it could get, both sides were showing great discipline and not many fouls were given. Handsworth big back runners were again running hard and performing moves to try and break through the defensive line of Cannock’s, unfortunately a run was made and the extra man over on the wing was created and he was able to get the ball down. Conversion kicked

Cannock 12 – 19 Handsworth.

Now it was Cannock’s turn to score a try, the backs had the ball in hand and Larry made a big run, from right to left running hard and bouncing through tackles, cannock were now camping on the 5m line, quick ball from Ley out to Larry Josh who was through and was able to score the try in the corner. Conversion missed

Cannock 17 – 19 Handsworth.

As half time was approaching Cannock’s momentum was not slowing down and after a great play by the forwards Soccer John broke through the defence andwas running at full pace towards the try line, however he was tackled 10 meters short and managed to offloaded like an all-black to Jim the fist who unfortunately wasn’t in an all-black state of mind and knocked the ball on. The possession was passed onto Handsworth who tried their best to get through the defence but Cannock stayed strong up until half time.

Half time Cannock 17 – 19 Handsworth.

Second half, Cannock playing downhill and kicking off first, unfortunately Handsworth came out strong and got the first try of the half. Conversion kicked

Cannock 17 – 26 Handsworth.

After a few changes had been made, Halil now in the second row and Connor moved into 13 a try was scored by the beauty of the boot, Halil’s run through players with a few hand offs and a nice offload to Connor, then Connors kick and chance helped by a beautiful bounce led to the first Cannock try of the half. Conversion kicked

Cannock 24 – 26 Handsworth.

Big tackles coming in from Lathe, Barrett and Daniel Blake? But unfortunately as the game has played out it was Handsworth who scored the next try, this was also converted from a difficult place in the park.

Cannock 24 – 33 Handsworth.

Down the bottom of the pitch Cannock’s forwards were pushing hard, one pick and go after another putting their defence under immense pressure and finally the push was worth it, Halil gets the try that Cannock deserve. Conversion kicked

Cannock 31 – 33 Handsworth.

Cannock was now in touching distance with 10 minutes to go, unfortunately the ref decided Cannock was coming in from he side, and penalty was awarded. 3 points for the visitors which now spread the gap to


Luck seemed to be with the visiting side today side, Cannock defending their lines hard with great tackles coming in from Craig, Neil Hillage, but another penalty awarded for Cannock being offsides. The visitors call post and an easy 3 points were slotted.

Full time

Final Score 31 – 39 Handsworth.

Man of the match went Josh Humphreys for a stand out performance, not only strong running lines but great kicking out of hand. Well done Josh

Thank you to all our sponsors, Wakelake, NMB, DGL Solictors. Training continues this week at the Morgan Ground, 19:15.

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