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Sat 25
1st XV
High Flyers Defeat Depleted Pack

High Flyers Defeat Depleted Pack

By Paul Moore
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Lions Dig Deep but Still Lose

On a glorious day the team headed in the centre of Birmingham to play against Harborne. The team were faced with the largest and dry pitch of the year.

As the university clock struck 3 the game began and Harborne were quickly into their stride heaping early pressure on the lions. After some valiant defence the line was breached with an early score. After some calming words the game restarted with a flourish and the lions pressing hard, with some excellent inter play between forwards and backs eventually allowing Will Jukes to junk his way across the line.

Unfortunately, the lions pressure was soon cancelled out with Harborne looking to make the use of some young running backs and a large pitch causing the lions defence to be stretched and they crossed the line again. Trying not to be over run the lions refocused and pressed on and when Tank received the ball in open field he showed the silky-smooth running lines from his days as a back combined with his new found strength as a forward and turned Harborne on their heels. This mesmerising run put Cannock back in a position of strength resulting in another of lion’s greats Joe Brookes crashing over the line.

Further scores from Harborne meant that at half time the lions trailed but were still in with a fighting chance. During the break a plan was hatched for the fight back.

Unfortunately, this was soon put under pressure as from perfect restart from EE lead to some missed tackles allowing Harbornes number 10 to run from his own 22 and dotting down under the posts. This seemed to be the way that the second half continued with numerous missed tackles and Harborne looking to spin the ball wide at every opportunity. Some late fight was found in the lions with Halil managing to breach the oppositions line for a consolation score.

Despite some good rugby in places Cannock could not match the perfect conditions. In the end the game ended with Harborne cruising to a 43-17 win resulting in Cannock remaining in mid table.

The man of the match was Tank showing some fantastic running line and pure strength. A special mention has to go to Paul Buckley for stepping up and digging deep showing that there is still life in the old dog yet. The lions roar will continue and the fight goes on.

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Sat 25, Mar 2017




Midlands 3 West (North)

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