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Match details

Match date

Thu 30, Jul 2020



Meet time



Meet at 5.15 for a 5.30 start.
Please wear coloured clothing / blue training kit.

The following COVID restrictions will apply - please read carefully before the game.


If you are feeling unwell – do not play!
Sanitise your hands regularly – ideally bring your own with you
Changing rooms are not available – arrive in playing kit
Social distancing guidance still applies before and after the match and where possible during it
Scorers to sit at least 2m apart – no sharing of scorebooks

During the match

No sharing of equipment
Batting side must observe social distancing whilst not on the pitch
No sweat or saliva should be applied to the ball
Batters must run along designated running lines
Bats / keeping gloves must be sanitised on leaving the pitch
Every 6 overs (or 20 minutes) there will be a “hygiene break” – the ball will be sanitised as well as all the fielders hands
Social distancing to be observed during wicket celebrations; drinks breaks etc
Umpires are not to hold any items from the fielding side

After the match

All players to sanitise their hands
Observe social distancing while leaving the ground