New Sunday training times

New Sunday training times

By John Evans
9 August 2017
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New Junior training time on Sundays & a change to current senior training time

We have been able to gain a little extra time to fit in MORE polo !

The new time is 5-6pm on Sunday Evenings. There are a few different ways we could edit the training and I might try different situations going forward through the year but for now I wish to keep it simple. Please note the times below :::

NEW Sunday Session Junior Group -
5pm - 6pm
This is open to ALL Juniors who already attend on the Wednesday sessions and will be coached by myself. The emphasis will be a more technical session, meaning it will be a bit easier in terms of work rate, but hopefully they will learn a bit more.

Sundays Senior Session -
5:30pm - 7:30pm
This is an EXTRA 30 mins for the senior group - with the slight change to the timings we are going to change the training also. An important note - on the Sundays where Welsh Training takes place in the morning will run a much more fun, games filled session, rather than hard work - this is to encourage you to attend the evening session even after training in Cardiff.

There is no increase in fees for this extra time ! We will try these new times through the rest of Aug & September before reviewing to see if there's any other changes we could make :)

Chip Keen
CWP Coach

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