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1. Club Rules

Chalvey WMC Sports Football Club

Founded 1885

Club Rules

This club shall be called the ‘Chalvey W.M.C. Sports Football Club’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘the club’) and shall be affiliated to the Berks & Bucks Football Association.

Objective of the club
The objective if the club shall be to provide for the members a football ground and clubhouse to provide opportunities for persons interested in the game of football together with other relevant activity for association football, and to encourage a social atmosphere within club membership. The club shall be a non profit organisation, all excess income shall be used to benefit all club members.

Club colours
The club colours shall be Blue & Black for the first team and Red & Black for the Reserve team, Blue for the A team and Blue & Black for the Sunday team.

It is advisable to become full members of Chalvey Working Mens Club and pay annual subscriptions directly.
Associated membership can be sought.

Subscriptions & match fees
All players who have signed on for any up and coming season shall pay an annual subscription (signing on fee) of an amount determined at a general meeting
Subscriptions shall become due in the month of August, with the total amount being paid by the 31st of December of that same year.
There shall also be a match day fee payable by players in respect of each club representative game played by a player. The amount of such fee shall be determined at a general meeting.

Officers of the club
The officer of the club shall be the President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Should a situation arise for an additional officer for the club, the club committee shall have the power to co-opt an ordinary member to fill such office until the following annual general meeting. All officers shall be elected at the annual general meeting.

General Committee
The affairs of the club shall be managed by the general committee conspiring with club officers of the club, and other members of the club who shall be elected at the AGM. In the event of a vacancy arising on this committee during the year, the general committee shall have the power to co-opt a club member to fill this vacancy until the next AGM. Reasonable notice of meetings shall be given to committee members.
Financial Transactions
A member shall not receive any emolument from the club funds except for services rendered at the request of the general committee. A member shall not be allowed to receive any commission, percentage or similar payment.
All financial transactions shall be properly recorded and incorporated in an annual financial statement. This statement shall be audited bu auditors appointed at an AGM and shall be circulated to all members.
Annual General Meeting
An annual general meeting of the club shall be held each year and not more than 15 months shall elapse between AGM’s. Notice of the time, date and place shall be displayed in the club premises not less than 4 weeks prior to the meeting & a copy of the agenda must be displayed in the club for at least 7 days before the meeting. No business other than that on the agenda may be discussed.
Any voting shall be by the show of hands, unless a ballot be demanded by at least one third of the members entitled to vote.
Any alteration or addition to the rules may only be made at an annual general meeting.
A motion for the winding up of the club may be put at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose and giving reasonable notice in writing to all members. At such a meeting a majority of three quarters of the members present entitled to vote shall be required. The assets of the club after any settlement of all debts and liabilities shall be devoted to a charity organisation designated by the meeting.

Rules to be displayed
A copy of these rules shall be displayed at all times on the club notice board, or in a prominent position in the clubhouse as can be seen by all members.