Clean Sheets Table

Clean Sheets Table

By Paul Mullins
27th August
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Our press officer did a few stats at the weekend and compiled a list of goalkeepers' clean sheets in the last 30 years.

How many goalkeepers below do you remember?

Andy Withington98
Ryan Price80
Simon Bryan72
Lee Evans36
Curtis Pond34
Ryan Young27
John Bateman22
John Birt18
Shaun Potts18
Martin Taylor15
Andy Biffin7
Anthony O'Connor6
Craig Dutton6
Danny Watson4
Darren Acton4
Chris Wood3
Danny Embleton3
Lee Holliday3
Martin Woodall3
Matt Sargeant3
Steve Pomroy3
Adam Lane2
Mariusz Kisiel2
Mark Orlowski2
Ricky McNamara2
Steve Lowde2
Adam Jenkins1
Alan Pemberton1
Andy Cox1
Chris Fletcher1
Dale Reaney1
Darryl Haynes1
Dave Weale1
Derek Dudley1
Gary Price1
Jan Kasperowicz1
Michael Richardson1
Richard Woolley1
Stuart Brown1

Some goalkeepers in the table played before 1989 and those clean sheets have not been included in the table.

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