The (almost) A to Z of Chasetown FC goalscorers!

The (almost) A to Z of Chasetown FC goalscorers!

By Paul Mullins
12 December 2021
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With the goal last week against Spalding, we had out first Z goalscorer for the club. But what other letters have we had?

Of course, there are plenty for most letters, so I've named the scorer with the most recent goal for each letter

How many of the below do you know and remember!

A - Jono Atherton
B - Joey Butlin
C - Harry Crook
D - James Dance
E - Henry Eze
F - Francino Francis
G - Matty Gardner
H - Oli Hayward
I - Graham Instone

J - Jermaine Johnson
K - Liam Kirton
L - Jack Langston
M - Luke McGinnell
N - Muzzy Nduna
O - Danny O'Callaghan
P - Andy Parsons
Q - Danny Quinn
R - Dilano Reid
S - Josh Sedgley
T - Kris Taylor
U - Steve Ulfig
V - Dan Vann

W - Ryan Wynter
X - (none)
Y - Dave Yates
Z - Nehemia Zazi

Ulfig, Vann, Zazi are the only scorers for U, V and Z (that I know of, certainly since we played at The Scholars Ground)
Instone is the only one (1970s) not from The Scholars Ground era.

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