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Fri 26 Jul 2019
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U19 vs Ashtead

U19 vs Ashtead

Luke Gonsalves26 Jul 2019 - 22:36
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Solid win to start the U19 season

First of all thanks to everyone for playing today, congratulations on a great performance from all and we proved that we are 100% good enough to win this competition. Having had a discussion with some of you, I think it would be valuable for the team for me to go critically go through our performance.

Clearly winning the toss and batting first has its benefits starting at 6pm... As i said we should really be looking for 120 and above; on that pitch it was quite difficult to hit boundaries, but we still got off to a pretty solid start, 48 off the first 10. My only comment here would be to try and rotate the strike a bit more in the first half. Really try and find 1s to reduce the dot balls. In the second half we had a set bat in Pranav which helped, and we rotated the strike pretty well. In the past we've tended to shy away from pushing dots into 1s and 1s into 2s, but really running the first run hard puts the fielders under pressure and as you saw most of the time they made a mistake, fumbling the ball or putting in a bad throw. Super happy we finally did this well. Having wickets in hand nearing the end is obviously very useful. We also bat very deep so it was good to see people step up. In the end just under 120 was a decent score, ideally we should have scored 20 odd more but with the gun bowling attack I would back us to defend anything above 100.

I knew they only had 3 or 4 good bats so if we got them out we would probably win the game - which is what we did. Bowling was excellent all round, in particular Nash, Rohan, Sachit, Ansh and Ben; all top overs from you. Suffice to say once I fully recover from my groin injury I'll be able to contribute more effectively on the bowling front. Our fielding was probably the best I've seen in years both in the colts and adult sections - no dollys dropped and good ground fielding. The noise in the field was also good and we backed our bowlers with the intensity in the field, we should continue to show that we want to win more than the oppo.

The one negative was the slow over rate (which is on me and their captain and the umpires), we messed around too much changing fielders (which is on me)- I let it go this first time because I wanted to take a back seat and observe. To clarify and in future, myself and Dan (who is vice captain) will be making field changes and no one else. I'm happy to discuss things you think I/the team could have done better after the game but not during it.

Regarding the incident at the end with the oppo umpire not shaking hands - this is completely unacceptable as we did play in the spirit of the game, end of.

Its important to note, we rely heavily on each and every member of the team so for those who didn't get much of game please remember that there will be times in the future games when your opportunity will come. We're very lucky in the sense that this could be the only year we have a legitimate chance of winning a competition because of the huge depth of talent in the squad. Therefore I ask you all to make every attempt to make yourself available.

We beat the best team on paper in the league, so we should be very happy. Lets make sure we don't get complacent and attack the next game with the same attitude that won us this one.

1 win, 5 more to go.

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