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Cherries 1
Jets 1
Cherries 1 v. Jets 1

Cherries 1 v. Jets 1

By Karen Neal
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Talk about a tense game!

Our team talk before the match with Jayne, gave us all personal little aspects to work on during the match. We knew it was going to be a close-knit game, and it was going to be fairly evenly matched.

As we got into the first quarter the scores remained level, just one in it at the most - and this continued most of the way through the match, right until the very end, with a final score of only one goal difference!

Cherries did pull in front by 3 goals early in the last quarter, but Jets soon pulled it back to level-pegging.

It was a really tough game, and was well defended from both teams up and down the court. Any mistakes made, were picked up quickly by the opposition - so the pressure was on for the full 60 minutes.

Cherries may not have come away with the result they wanted, but were very proud of the way every single player, performed and handled themselves on court!

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Sun 08, Dec 2013