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Cherries 2 v. Milton 1

Cherries 2 v. Milton 1

By Karen Neal
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Will Cherries 1 continue their unbeaten season so far in 2014?!

Cherries 1 are on a roll, with 7 consecutive wins so far in 2014! A match against Milton this morning left them wondering if they can make it an eighth win in a row.....?

Currently sitting second in the table, only by one point though - Royston are at the top. Royston were losing their game at three quarter time, which could have meant Cherries went top, but they pulled it back and won by two goals in the end.

A grey & windy morning, and a GD with a sickness bug weren't the best starts to the day - but Cherries were fired up right from the start.

Sam filled in well as GK from Cherries 2, and Zoe covered lots of court area as GD, despite feeling so unwell! Their consistent pressure in the D defensively was seeing the results we wanted - helped along by their working together with holding each others dresses to make their leans over the shots being put up even better!

End of quarter one score: 12-5 to Cherries.

Jeeps worked well as usual in the centre, lots of those awesome interceptions despite having a foot injury - some strapping and adrenaline saw her through to the end of the game - just about....

Half time score: 21-14 to Cherries

Third quarter saw Cherries double the Milton score and win 14-7, making the three quarter time score 35-21.

Final quarter was won by Cherries 7-5, making the final score 42-26 to Cherries.

Cherries 1 only have 2 matches to go before the end of the season, Chiltern & Royston. Depending on the result of the next game - it could be a division winning-decider game between Cherries & Royston on the last fixture day of the season - what a tense game that would be watching from the sidelines!!!

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