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Cherries 1 v. Icons 1

Cherries 1 v. Icons 1

By Karen Neal
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Wild card - bounce passes only!

After everyone arriving late, due to horrendous traffic - we played a shorter than usual match, a 10 minute half followed by a 12 minute half.

Tonight's wild card was that only bounce passes were allowed mid-court, the rule didn't apply in the D.

Icons only had 6 players for the first half, so we tried to take advantage of this, using Jo as WA (who was unmarked) for many of the mid-court passes.

The team was: GS Ruth, GA Lozza, WA Jo, C Jeeps, WD Sally, GD Joss & GK Zoe.

The rule made the game quite slow, but it did make you have to get yourself totally free to receive a pass, and get in front of your defenders. Also, to change your mind set from having your arms up when marking a pass, and having to bend down low ready for the bounce pass!

It gave us quite a giggle, and was something new to all of us!

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Thu 08, May 2014